Keeping Your Family Safe

We want to revisit an important topic… Worksite Safety! At NJW, your Columbus Home Remodeling Company, we know that navigating a home remodeling project is an exercise in patience. Safety is one factor that can be overlooked. We never overlook safety, because it is of the utmost importance. Here’s how to keep your house safe for your family and construction crew while the project is underway.

Safety isn’t anything to take for granted. The list of accidents that happen at home building and remodeling sites can be frightening.

Keeping your family safe while your home is being remodeled involves two tactics:

  • Choosing a contractor with a strong record of safety and accountability (ahem…Us!)
  • Working closely with that contractor to ensure proper safety precautions are taken during the project.

Validate credentials 

Most builders will hand you a few referrals from prior customers, but it’s smart to validate their claims independently. We recommend reviewing the code history of the last five projects completed by that contractor in your town. Don’t just take your neighbor’s word for it!

Look for evidence that the contractor gets projects approved by the local buildings department at each required stage, including the final sign off – the occupancy permit. Without the occupancy permit, the work is not officially finished, which can cause legal problems down the road.

Ask for a current copy of the contractor’s liability insurance. The policy should cover personal liability, property damage and worker’s compensation for both the general contractor and for all subcontractors.

Be sure to check with your own property insurance company to see what construction-related accidents are and aren’t covered in your existing policy. You might have to consider a rider that covers just the upcoming project. Once the project is complete, you should review your coverage with your insurance company to be sure it is still adequate.

Collaborate on safety

Once you’ve found a reliable contractor (ahem… Us!), talk about safety early and often. Communication is key. We like to introduce expectation about living within a remodeling project early in the process. Thus questions might be posed like; how do you envision living in your home while this project is under construction, do you plan to live on the premise during the renovation, where will pets be permitted and restricted to, during working hours whom will be on site? Questions such as these help initiate much needed safety conversations.  Daily clean-up is another important part of keeping job sites safe. If tools are out of sight there is less chance of little hands getting into trouble.  Some equipment, however, simply cannot be put away and this is where daily communication between supervisor and homeowner is crucial to keep everyone involved safe. Professionals are familiar with navigating construction sites, but most families aren’t as versed in the possible dangers. Close collaboration about how and when to enter the work zone can ensure safety for all.

Remodeling is stressful at best. Coaching family members to respect the construction zone can be a positive strategy for coping with the daily chaos – and helps ensure that your contractors can translate your vision for your house to reality. Contact us to see how we can make your space exactly how you envision it!

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