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Here at NJW Renovations Unlimited, we are committed to bringing your renovation dreams to life. To do that, we work with the absolute best interior designers and architects to design your space and encompass your vision. This is where talented design meets quality construction!

One of our clients was daydreaming of a European Spa design within their primary suite, closet, and bathroom. This specific idea produced a stunning project, transporting the homeowner into their own personal heaven each time they crossed the threshold.

The client began their project with an accomplished designer Tracie McGarity, who recommended NJW Renovations Unlimited to them to execute their design plan. We took a moment to connect with the homeowners to get their feedback on the planning, design, process, and execution of their remodel and we were so pleased with their responses.

Our Chat with the Homeowners

How did you choose NJW Renovations Unlimited to complete your remodeling project?

We were recommended to NJW Renovations Unlimited by Tracie and have been incredibly pleased with the NJW RU team. We have completed several projects with them, because of how happy we were with the process and the results.

Can you tell us about some of your favorite aspects of this project, and what working with NJW Renovations Unlimited was like?

NJW Renovations Unlimited are extremely easy to work with and their weekly meetings are so valuable. These meetings enabled us to go over the entire project each week, helping us to ensure everything was selected on time. They also kept us informed of any delays and presented options for changes when necessary.

Some of our favorite aspects of the project included installing the wall in the bathroom and putting the shower behind the wall. This detail used space efficiently and created privacy. We loved all the details and textures, glass, and natural light—it really added so much to the space. The wall tile was so beautifully done, and we are thrilled with the outcome.

We also loved being able to include the steam unit, the LCD screens, and the hidden TV behind the mirror. All these design choices really helped us to reach our goal of our European spa feel.

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Tell us a little about the Design process and what it was like working with Tracie.

Tracie is absolutely wonderful to work with. We were very active in the design process since we wanted a specific European aesthetic, and we feel we achieved it with Tracie’s help and guidance. In fact, we would change NOTHING about the final product! Meeting each week and reviewing the project allowed us to make any design or construction changes and kept our vision a priority and on track.

When you invest in remodeling your home, your vision needs to be the priority. We worked closely with Tracie to make sure the homeowner was thrilled with the design and construction every step of the way. Our excellent working relationship with Tracie allowed the client to feel confident and at ease as we brought the design to life. Every angle, every light fixture, and every detail played a significant role in the outcome of this project. Collaborating with Tracie and the client on a regular basis made this incredible idea into an impressive reality. Again, showing how talented design meets quality construction.

If you can see in your mind exactly what you want and you aren’t sure how to bring it to life, we can help. Contact us today and let’s chat about your space and discover together what it can become. We look forward to working with you!

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