Your answer to that question might be NEVER if you are like most people thinking about a kitchen remodel columbus ohio. We at NJW, your central ohio contractors, understand how daunting it is to think about your kitchen being under construction or unusable for a certain amount of time.


Many of our clients choose different times in the year because it seems less stressful to go through a residential renovation during that time.  For example, many choose the summer or fall to begin their remodeling project because they can be outdoors more and not be as inconvenienced by the construction. In the warmer months it is also easy to grill out, entertain outside, and there are so many activities to be done throughout central Ohio, you really can enjoy your residential remodeling without feeling like you don’t have any options to eat or entertain at home.


Summer and early fall are great for remodeling projects because of the longer daylight hours as well. In some cases more work can be accomplished in one day because of the longer daylight hours. Most of the cutting is done outside and if it gets dark at 4:30pm, then not much will be happening after that time except for clean up!


Another reason some of our clients choose summer or fall is because school is out! Nothing will disrupt a routine quicker than having some work done on the house.   During the school year there are lunches to be made, buses to catch, homework to be done and just a ton of scheduled activities. Many of these activities are centered around your kitchen.  The downside of that is that school is out and the kids are home, BUT as we stated previously there are so many activities that can be done outside of the home, every day can be a different adventure!


That brings us to our next topic; during construction you should feel comfortable enough with your contractor that you can leave the premises for the day.  After all, not everyone is able to take off from work for the duration of construction.  If you feel like you can’t even leave the house to get a gallon of milk, maybe you have hired the wrong contractor.


NJW is one of the home renovation companies that take pride in the entire process and ensuring our clients feel safe and satisfied is just part of the deal. We are also cognizant of the fact that home remodels are not easy on the homeowner. We try to acknowledge that fact and keep our work areas clean, safe and debris free. Our goal in each residential renovation is to make the entire process less daunting.


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