As your Columbus bathroom remodeling specialist, NJW, wants to address a growing need called aging in place. What does aging in place mean? Aging in place is a term that refers to making changes in the home to allow seniors to live at home for as long as possible. Today we are going to specifically concentrate on ways to adapt your bathroom to help those that may need a little more assistance.

With the majority of seniors choosing to stay home for as long as possible, there has been a steady demand for age-in-place design features, both in new construction and in remodels.

Whenever we tackle home additions or remodeling projects, we like to consider the age or capacity of the person we are completing the work for. We also like to ask what they would like in the future out of their residential renovation.

When dealing specifically with bathroom remodeling some of the adaptations you will want to think about making as you, or someone you love, ages are grab bars in the bathroom and higher toilets.  These are the two most common initial changes, perhaps because they’re easiest and cheapest to install.

When we do a columbus bathroom remodeling project, we also advise on some other popular design trends for remodels.  Currently, installing step-less showers, widening doorways, adding ramps, task lighting, entry-level bedrooms, and walk-in bathtubs are all good ways to invest and ensure a return while also allowing you to accommodate a variety of accessibility needs.

One of the challenges is to make age-in-place designs look fashionable and appealing, so that homeowners who don’t yet need these features won’t mind living with them in the meantime.  As your columbus ohio contractors, we can work with you to ensure the design is appealing.

We are able to design functional and attractive features that are usable both for the elderly or handicapped and for anyone else who wants safe and functional living quarters. After all, step-less showers are also nice for pregnant moms, small children, or hurried teenagers as they are for seniors. NJW Construction knows you want to have these features, but you don’t want it to look like a hospital or nursing home. Check out our online bathroom photo gallery and see how we have helped many customers age in place!

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