The first day of Spring is fast approaching and the need to spend time outdoors is weighing heavily upon us. Let’s talk about upgrading your outdoor space in 2022! As winter begins to make its exit and we get ready to welcome spring, it is time for packing away winter coats, spring cleaning, and prepping our outdoor living spaces! Outdoor living has become an essential part of our homes over the last few years, with more people spending warmer months outdoors. Just like the indoor rooms in your home, the outside living area is a great place to incorporate colors, style, and comfort. Show off your personality with these top trending décor ideas for outdoor spaces in 2022.

Upgrade Outdoor space

  1. Earthy, Cool, and Calming Colors.

    In 2022, we are seeing color pallets with soft shades of earthy tones dominating the industry. This includes brown, green, yellow, and subtle blue, creating a relaxed and tranquil environment. When upgrading your outdoor space, choose patio furniture and accents with these earthy tones to establish a calming atmosphere to go to for renewal and fun.

  1. Outdoor Kitchens to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space.

    We are used to seeing outdoor cooking on a sturdy charcoal or gas grill, but the inner chef in all of us are excited to be seeing full outdoor kitchens incorporated into our outdoor living spaces. These luxurious takes on the traditional gas grill, can include cabinetry, countertops, built-in prep and grilling station, and even a sink and small refrigerator!

  2. Outdoor Climate Control.

    You cannot control the weather…or can you? What originated as a safe space to gather with friends during the pandemic has expanded into innovative ways to continue to spend time outside regardless of weather conditions. If it is too cold, set up a firepit to gather around, install overhead heating lamps to reduce the chill, or invest in a free-standing heater to keep yourself cozy. If the hot sun and sweltering humidity makes you uncomfortable, install ceiling fans, create lounging areas concealed in shade, or investigate energy-efficient outdoor evaporative coolers (swamp coolers) to help keep your cool. These are all great ways to upgrade your outdoor space and make it more usable!

  3. Outdoor Furniture Trends to Update Your Outdoor Space.

    Keeping in-line with earthy color trends, bohemian outdoor furniture is making a comeback! Outdoor egg chairs, cane furniture, and even concrete furniture are hot items in newly designed outdoor living spaces. These styles and colors create calming spaces to enjoy the outdoors with friends or to catch quiet moments alone.

  4. Vertical Gardens.

    Surrounding your patio with plants and flowers has always been on trend and a wonderful way to set a welcoming ambiance to your outdoor living area. The popular version of doing just that is incorporating a vertical garden into your design. Vertical gardens add so much to an area without taking up too much room. Some designs feature an entire vertical garden wall while others are just vertical planters that are smaller and spaced out evenly throughout the outdoor living area.

  5. Outdoor Office.

    With home becoming the primary office for a lot of individuals across the globe, people are continuing to create custom work areas to do just that. Having a comfortable and specific area to get your work done is more than a want, it is a necessity to upgrading your outdoor space. On those nice days when you want to feel the sun on your skin and hear the birdsong while you work, a lot of people are introducing outdoor work areas to their design. Setting aside a space under the cover of an overhang, pergola, or umbrella, with access to outdoor electrical outlets, gives you an area to get it done in the sun.

Upgrade Outdoor Space 2022

Are you looking to upgrade, renovate, or remodel your outdoor living area? We can help you upgrade your outdoor space in 2022. Contact us to start a conversation and see how we can bring the inside outdoors for you and maximize your space for all your outdoor living needs.