Decks 2022

What is the deal with decks in 2022? Ever since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, outdoor living has become crucial to homeowners across the country. As we look back on the restrictions mandated during the pandemic that pushed us outdoors, we are realizing how convenient and serene it was to have an outdoor living space to enjoy with family, friends, or even by ourselves. As a result, people are remodeling and adding outdoor living spaces to their homes and want all the bells and whistles industry has to offer.

Decks vs. Patios in 2022

Deck Patio 2022

Outdoor Deck 2022

Although used for the same motive, decks and patios are two different structures in the construction industry. Decks are raised structures whereas patios are flush to the ground. Patios can be attached to the home or distanced, and Decks tend to be attached to the dwelling. Beautiful outdoor living spaces can be created on both structures, but today we are going to focus on the raised option of a deck and what it can do to help curate your perfect outdoor space.

The Allure of Deck Living in 2022

One of the biggest draws of installing a deck is the elegant look of the wood in an array of colors that compliments your taste, home, and space. In addition to adding value to your home, decks offer a classic look that can be tailored to your tastes. You can have a low just above grade deck that intermingles with  your garden landscape and offers a seating or dining area, or you can opt for a high deck that overhangs the first floor of your home, offering you a clear view in an open-air setting. Decks can be added to any area of your home—over the garage, a wrap around the front of your home, off the back into the yard, or even on the side of a home that may be on a corner lot. Shade can be added with a pergola or parasol and built-in seating and storage can be configured into the design.

One exciting feature we are seeing in decks is the durability of composite decking that combats the unavoidable exposure decks have to UV rays, temperature changes, rain, and snow. This composite decking looks and feels like real wood but requires less maintenance for your outdoor space. Available in an array of colors, this material makes your deck look great and last.

Inspiration for Deck Living

The possibilities are endless when it comes to design of your new deck. Ranging from rustic to elegant to chic to modern, any design taste can be accomplished when designing your deck space. Here are some current trends we are seeing and loving when adding or remodeling decks:

  • Contemporary Curves.

    The shape of your deck doesn’t need to be rectangle or square, consider adding curves or waves to the shape of your deck. This look offers a unique and original look to your home.

  • Small Space Design.

    If you are working with a limited area for your deck, adding just a small raised area for seating or dining can really add to your overall outdoor space. Consider flowers or plants surrounding the small raised deck to enhance privacy and aesthetic.

  • Multi-Level Design.

    The beauty of adding a deck structure is the freedom to make it exactly what you want! Adding multi-levels to your deck with steps and designated areas adds space and depth to your design. Want the seating area far away from the outdoor kitchen? Add another level to accomplish this in an easy and beautiful way.

  • High Level Decking.

    Enjoy the view from your high-level deck as you entertain or just enjoy your morning coffee. Consider adding a high-level deck off the primary upstairs bedroom and create a balcony to enjoy the night skies or colorful sunrises.

  • Cable Railing.

    Booming in popularity across all decks is cable railing. This design offers safe boundaries for your deck and produces a modern look with clean lines surrounding your structure.

  • LED Deck Lighting.

    Installing strip lighting along your railing or stairs illuminates your deck with a soft glow, promotes nighttime use, and offers visibility when moving around. This trend continues to dominate deck design and is a great cost-effective way to add light.

  • Year-Round Deck Amenities.

    In order to enjoy your deck throughout as many seasons as possible, homeowners are installing amenities to make this happen! From fire pits to pergolas, these additions will help you enjoy your deck longer. Heating lamps, mood lighting, and durable outdoor furniture are also on this list of ways to extend your deck season.

Outdoor lighting

Fall deck

With so many options available when adding a deck to your property, we know that the design aspect can be overwhelming, but we can help! Contact us to discuss all the possibilities, pros and cons on location and type, and design to really make it yours. We want to help you curate that perfect outdoor deck living space for your taste and comfort!