How to Prepare for Intrusive Renovations

This is such an important topic we are going to spread it across two blogs so we can break it down a bit more. NJW, your Columbus, Ohio home remodeling experts know how stressful renovations can be! We try our best to prepare you for what lies ahead AND help you through what can be a very stressful time! Preparation is key, if you do these few things before beginning a home renovation, you are sure to lessen the stress on everyone!

Entry Ways: Having separate entry ways for workers and family makes everything easier. It will reduce job interruptions, and keep kids safe from walking though dangerous work conditions.

Relocate the Essentials: For example, if you are renovating a kitchen, set up a temporary space both to cook and eat.  This will make daily functions much simpler. Make sure cooking equipment, storage and prep items, food, and garbage bags are in an easy to reach location (We will expand on this thought more next week).

Designate Parking: We recommend parking cars wherever there is free access in and out during the day. It costs time for workers to continually move their cars during the work day.

Prep Other Rooms: The adjoining rooms will be affected by your project, as well. De-clutter these areas and remove fragile items. It will make things easier to clean, rearrange and protect against accidental damage during the renovation.

These are our first four suggestions, when preparing for a home renovation, stay tuned for part II next week!

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