In early summer of 2012, a massive wind storm blew through Central Ohio.  Many homes were damaged, including this residence in Lancaster, Ohio.  The homeowners knew right away that they needed a top home remodeling contractor to get their home back to normal.  That’s when they decided to call NJW Construction.

NJW has a reputation for being one of the best home improvement companies in Central Ohio.  The craftsmanship and knowledgeable workers were key in getting this home insurance renovation project completed.  Because of the extreme damage, most of the front porch and exterior facade of the 2nd story needed re-built structurally and aesthetically.

After the project was completed, the home looks like a 100 year old tree had never even touched the building.  NJW was able to reconstruction the front porch and fix the 2nd story damage while creating a seamless transition onto the existing home.