So you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, you want to update the look, increase resale value, add functionality, amenities and storage or a combination of all or some of these. Simple enough, and as your Columbus Ohio remodeling company, we can help!
The scope of the project depends on a variety of factors — most of all budget, but also how long you’ve been in the house and how long you plan to stay there. As with most things, there are three levels of bathroom remodeling: basic, midrange and deluxe.

Of course, the costs are all relative and will depend on a variety of factors, including where you live, how old your home is and what kind of renovations have already been done. Remodeling a bathroom from the 1990s is a lot different than overhauling one built in the 1920s with mud-set floors and galvanized plumbing.

A look at three typical cost ranges
The first step is deciding which level of remodeling is right for you. Let’s take a look at three different cost ranges for bathroom remodels and common materials and finishes for each.

1.The Basic Bathroom Remodel- Often runs from $3,000 (DIY) to $12,000

What you might get: You won’t be able to move any plumbing around, but you could replace fixtures and other materials with stock, off-the-shelf products like you’d find in a big-box store.

  1. You can get a little creative by doing an interesting backsplash to make things look more high-end.

Countertops: At this level, low-end granite and cultured marble are most popular.

Tile: You could do a bathtub or shower area with ceramic tiles or standard white subway tiles.  The lower end of this budget range would limit replacement of showers or tubs to fiberglass units only.

Walls: Apart from a bathtub tile surround or counter backsplash, painting the walls is the most affordable choice here.

Cabinets: If your cabinets are in good condition, you might just want to refinish or paint them. Otherwise, you’re looking at off-the-shelf units.

Lighting, fixtures and finishes: Most likely we would suggest off the shelf light fixtures from local distributors.

Tip: You can make up for the stock materials by putting more focus on the accessories. Splurge on a nice light fixture or cabinet hardware.

A basic bathroom remodel is good for you if: Your budget is limited, or if you’re looking to resell your home but don’t want to price yourself out of the local market, this is for you.

2. Mid- to Upper-Range Bathroom Remodel- $15,000to $35,000

This definitely has a broad range, due to location, materials, cost of labor and project scope play into it. For example, according to the Houzz Real Cost Finder, the average bathroom remodel in New York costs just over $32,000. In Mississippi it’s just under $14,000.

What you might get: Better fixtures, like a toilet with better flushing capabilities or faucets with better flow. And new features like flooring, a vanity, a sink, lighting, window treatments, hardware, a comfort-height toilet, a 36-inch countertop, a framed mirror that matches the vanity and a recessed medicine chest…

Plus, you can make a few more adjustments to the layout. Maybe you’ll put in a slightly smaller bathtub to make way for a slightly larger shower. Maybe you’ll slide a sink down and move the plumbing slightly to add a tall linen cabinet.

Countertops: A higher-grade remnant or custom piece of granite, marble or quartz.

Cabinets: Semicustom pieces with higher-end finishes — glazed instead of just stained — and decorative details like cabinet legs and intricate door panels.

Plumbing: You can make moderate adjustments to the plumbing, like moving the faucets or shower, but the toilet will likely stay in the relative same spot.

Fixtures: You can upgrade the fixtures for ones with higher-quality copper or bronze inside, which will last considerably longer than off-the-shelf units.

Tile: At this level porcelain will be your new best friend. It’s more durable than ceramic and slip resistant, and there are more color, size and design options. Porcelain tiles are designed to mimic natural stone, and the untrained eye can’t tell the difference.

Walls: You can get a bit more creative with materials and do tile walls or real beadboard for a custom look.

A midrange bathroom remodel is good for you if: You’re doing a remodel for yourself and not because you plan to sell and move. You’re limited in the space or footprint, but you’ll still be able to do a lot more with finishes and fixtures and cabinetry.

3. The Deluxe Bathroom Remodel– $30,000 to $100,000-plus
This level allows for removal of all existing fixtures and a complete layout redesign.  You might also punch into an adjacent room or even punch out the exterior to acquire additional space.

Cabinetry: Solid wood construction with custom finishes and decorative accent pieces.

Tile: Natural marble, limestone or granite, all of which are more labor intensive and difficult to cut. Natural stone requires more maintenance, but every single tile has its own unique character.

Plumbing: High-end finishes and parts.

Amenities: Steam showers and radiant floor heating.

A deluxe bathroom remodel is good for you if:
 You have the funds, obviously. But at this level, you’re really getting the bathroom you want. Maybe you had been saving up for a new house, but with the economy you decided to stay put. Putting some money back into your home and making it more enjoyable for you is a good investment.

How long it will take: Expect a month or two of planning and picking out materials and finishes. Expect three to eight weeks for construction, depending on the scope.

First step: Figure out which of the three levels of remodeling your project falls into, and then start looking at photos of bathrooms to figure out what style, materials and amenities you want. We would advise not to get too carried away with planning before reaching out to us for help. We can quickly assess your goals and budget to steer you toward what will work for you!

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