Here at NJW, your Columbus, Ohio home remodeling company, now more than ever, we understand the importance that technology plays in our lives. The pandemic has shown us what is a necessity versus what might be a “want”. In response, the Smart Home Industry is ever evolving to meet our newest technology needs.

We found this article from Digital Trends right on point with some great tech trends for 2021, here are a few you might find intriguing and worth checking out!

A major focus on health tech

For obvious reasons, many of the new smart devices shown are built with health in mind. Devices like Toto’s Wellness Toilet provide users with a wealth of information about their own health based on a number of external sensors that analyze both skin and waste. Both of these sources provide valuable information that can help catch potential health problems before they worsen.

Another example of this lies in the Ettie Smart Video Doorbell. It not only functions in all the ways you expect a smart doorbell to work, but it also takes the temperature of any visitor and alerts you if they have a fever. This doorbell was designed to help with contact tracing. By logging visitor’s temperature at the time of their arrival, it helps trace outbreaks.

Touchless experiences may be the new standard

Several new video doorbells launched from companies like Arlo and, have one major trait in common: You don’t have to actually touch the device to ring the bell. Both of these models use different technology to track when guests arrive, but they each help maintain proper social distance.

By eliminating the need for guests to actually touch the doorbell to ring it, these doorbells reduce the potential for germs and bacteria spreading from visitor to visitor. This keeps everyone just a little bit safer.

Gym-level workouts at home

The idea of receiving a full, high-quality workout at home without ever going to the gym was popular long before the pandemic ever reared its ugly head, but now that gyms are closed, it’s even more important for the fitness-minded. CES 2021 has seen a huge number of devices tailored to burning calories and getting toned.

Samsung announced the Smart Trainer, a device that works with Samsung smart TVs and a webcam to track workouts. Xenoma launched the odd-but-unique e-skin EMStyle bodysuit, packed with 24 electrodes that stimulate the muscles and provide a full-body workout with just 20 minutes of cardio.

Ultrahuman is another subscription-based platform that has seen a lot of popularity. This platform is built around the Apple Watch and showcases your heart rate, calories burned, and more. Services like this provide all the expertise of a personal trainer in the home — all that’s missing is a full weight system.

If none of these prove to be “your” thing, we still find them very interesting at the very least! Many changes will come about post pandemic, and these, as well as many other, smart changes could be here to stay!

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