We at NJW, your Columbus, Ohio contractor have talked about seamless additions and how important the exterior is to a home. Sometimes this aspect gets overlooked, because of the rush to get extra space within a home.  There is an art to seamlessly blending an addition into an existing home.  Here are some ways we ensure a seamless transition when doing a room addition:

  • Borrow character from existing home (ie, windows, doors, shutters, cornices, dormers)- this will ensure consistency throughout the home, it will look like it has always been a part of the home
  • It is also important to have clean roof transitions- one of the easiest ways to tell if a room has been added on after an initial build is if the room doesn’t have clean transitions, NJW knows the importance of a clean roof transition in the overall design
  • Balance and symmetry are also important factors in creating a seamless addition. We take the entire home into consideration when doing a room addition, and ensuring the home is balanced and has a sense of symmetry that will allow the home to feel whole and not pieced together.

With a smart design and careful craftsmanship, we can take any project and add square footage without sacrificing the house’s original style. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your seamless home addition!
We currently build in Westerville, Worthington, Whitehall, Upper Arlington, Powell, Pickerington, New Albany, Lancaster, Hilliard, Gahanna, Dublin, Bexley, Columbus and all of Central Ohio.