The best remodeling work on old houses involves preserving some original elements, restoring others, and identifying how the new work can augment the old. Some items to try to keep original when remodeling an older home include:

1) The Floor Plan. In older houses, the flow between the principal living spaces is usually quite logical. At first, an older floor plan may not seem flexible enough to allow for your planned renovations and a rearrangement may seem necessary. Try looking again. As your residential renovation experts we can help you with this!

2) StaircasesAs the cost of quality craftsmanship has soared, the quality and character of the typical staircase have plummeted. If your stairway(s) have original balusters, rails, and newel posts, restore them.  Most home remodeling contractors will tell you that staircases are key design elements in a house, and well worth extra dollars to conserve and restore them. 

3) Woodwork.  Save all that you can of the original woodwork, including any early paneling, built-in casework, spindle work, and other decorative wood treatments. Think of such wooden elements as worthy of restoration, but also as a source of inspiration and can be repurposed for a variety renovations projects.  

4) Plaster Surfaces. Save original plaster where possible.  Many home improvement and remodeling techniques have been developed to preserve old plaster walls and ceilings, including special plaster washers that can reattach and stabilize loose and cracking plaster.

5) Floors. The history of change in a house is often to be read most easily in its floors. When you select flooring for new work, whether it’s to be an addition to the house or a remodeling of existing space, consider how the new surfaces will suit surviving older flooring. When doing custom home remodeling NJW can assist you with all of the questions that come along with restoring your original floors.

6) Doors. As with windows and other details, try to save original doors. Doors removed in one part of the house can be recycled elsewhere. Find similar style doors at architectural salvage – they don’t have to be identical, but if they resemble the originals, they won’t seem out of place.

 7) Hardware. Most vintage houses have been altered over the years and, typically, hardware is among the first elements to be changed. Hardware is too often overlooked, both as a source of style ideas and for the clues it can offer about how the house was changed over time. A simple latch from an upstairs cupboard can prove to be the inspiration for the closure on the cabinets in your new kitchen.

 With all the home improvement companies out there select the one with experience,  contact NJW today and see how we can help with your home additions and remodeling.