As home remodeling contractors we work closely with our clients to try to ensure that any room additions, kitchen and bath remodeling, or home improvements Columbus Ohio are carefully planned to ensure that the owner will see a high return on their investment.

ROI Breakdown

According to a recent article published by US NEWS below are some figures that we thought were interesting:

  • Attic Bedroom recoup 73% of your investment
  • Kitchen remodels return about 66% on average however, it is very important to know that in Columbus Ohio kitchen remodeling you will want to be sure not to over invest in your kitchen.
  • Bathrooms yield a 62% return, we recommend investing in the right elements such as low flow shower heads/ low flush toilets, durable flooring, good venting and selecting fixtures that stand the test of time.

Other Home Improvement Companies might suggest that you invest in areas of the home such as home offices or sunrooms however, here in central Ohio those will not provide you the return we expect at NJW Construction on room additions.

Other key home improvement renovations here in Central Ohio that have been shown to provide a high rate of return include a steel entry door, replacing vinyl siding, window replacements and if you are interested, a two-story room addition.

Four Steps to Home Improvement and Remodeling Success

At NJW Construction Company, we work with you to understand your goals in your home remodeling project and combine that with our extensive knowledge in renovation ROI.  This process ensures that you understand the impact of each upgrade and are able to make an informed decision on what is the best use of your dollars.

Our four-step process outlines how to ensure that we review costs at each phase and address any concerns that you have every step of the way.  We understand that home renovations are complex and take into consideration that you are upgrading your home but do not want to lose the charm and character that attracted you to purchase this home in the first place.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can be your home remodeling contractors on your next project.  We trust in our process and look forward to having our experience benefit your family.