Main Bath

We are pretty consumed with the radiating beauty of our latest NJW home remodeling project. This renovation involved a couple bathrooms, a main bath and a hall bath, and their success hinged heavily on the removal of toilet closet walls found within each bath area.  It was the demo of these walls that unleashed the opportunity to create these expansive feeling spaces.

Hall Bath

Within the main bathroom renovation, once the room was opened-up and re-configured, we were able to allocate some of the space to expand the homeowners closet area.  Now, not bragging (well maybe a little), but that takes the right team to reduce a space and still leave enough room to create this gorgeous spa like area for the client.

Main Bath

As your Columbus, Ohio remodeling company we know the importance of creating functional, beautiful spaces!  Speaking of functional, take-a-look at the surprise located within this drawer (hello drawer outlets). We should mention, when the drawer is closed the electrical current is discontinued, so no equipment is left on! Genius right?

(*When you close this drawer the electric is disabled to ensure no straightening/curling irons are left on inside the drawer)

The craftsmanship and supervisor behind-the-scenes on these bathrooms was our very own Greg Bope. From start to finish he ensured the project ran smoothly and we are blessed to have had his watchful eye caring for the evolution of this remodel.  If you would like to know more about Greg, check out our interview with him here.

(*Interesting overview – birds eye point of view using 3D design technology)

There are a lot of beautiful details found within these rooms.  What catches your eye? We understand if you can’t pin point just one.  Feel free to share your list with us! Let us know how we can help you in your next home renovation!