One of the most overlooked items in the home, as far as organization, is the pantry. When doing kitchen remodeling, we are often asked to plan for a large practical pantry, and understandably so, they house many necessary items!

We decided to round up some inspiration for some of you who may be looking to increase or organize your pantry space. We know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have an entire closet in a kitchen as a dedicated pantry; often it’s a series of cabinets that must be utilized for the same purpose, whatever space it is, we can help!

We suggest the following when thinking about your pantry:

  • Make them work smarter by installing pull out drawers and attaching cubbies to the doors for spices or other small packages of dried goods
  • Clear containers, bins, and baskets are your best friends when it comes time to organize your pantry. The benefit of glass containers or clear plastic bins is twofold: they add uniformity and you can see when you’re getting low on essentials.
  • Don’t despair if you have your heart set on a walk-in pantry but think you don’t have room – the narrowest of spaces can still work. Shallow shelves make things simple to find; just make sure you build in a lot of them from floor to ceiling to maximize the pantry’s storage capacity.
  • Use adjustable shelving, so you can change the heights to match the items it contains

To check out a cool gallery of pretty pantries that involve many styles, click this Houzz article here.

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