For a kitchen remodel, bath remodel, restoration or new home addition in Columbus, Ohio, here is NJW Construction’s easy four step process:

1. Free Initial Consult

This is a brainstorming session where we inquire into your project ideas and desires, and explain our process.

Here are some questions we typically ask during our first meeting:

  1. What do you want out of the project?
  2. How will the space function?
  3. What is your life style?
  4. Any special need requirements?
  5. What budget is to be considered?

We will make general suggestions to help expand and refine the design for value, engineering, and maximizing your investment.

2. Initial Estimate Review

Once we have a full understanding of your home remodeling or restoration project, we are able to present a budget with the specific details.

When you are ready to move forward, we will need a signed Design Agreement. Then, our in-house design team will create a conceptual blueprint of your project. The review process of these drawings will help further define your needs, life style and project budget.

3. Estimate Review and Drawing Finalization

During these final meetings, finished product selections will be determined or nearly finalized, such as: cabinets, flooring, fixtures, etc. It is at this time that we re-evaluate and re-generate the contract price based on those finalized renderings and selections.

Quick Tip: As we go through this step of the process, be sure that you are communicating your ideas and the 3-D drawing depicts what you desire in your project.

4. Final Contract Signing

Now we are able to present the final contract price and review in-depth, project-specific details to ensure the thorough understanding of project scope. Once you decide to build with NJW, the contract signing will initiate the construction process. Congratulations on your home remodel!

If you are looking for home remodeling in Columbus, Ohio, contact us today to find out just how beautiful we can make your home, room addition, kitchen remodel, restoration or bathroom remodel.