As much as you’ve enjoyed having your kids around for the summer, their return to school presents a great opportunity to get your house cleaned before colder weather sets in.  Throughout most of the summer with kids coming in and out your house was exposed to dirt and pollen. Now that the kids are back to school, it is time to clean up your home and get ready for the fall!  NJW, your home remodeling experts, hope you will find the following house cleaning tips helpful:

Create a House Cleaning Checklist for the Kids

Everyone tends to get lax on their chores while enjoying summer activities. Now that school is back in session, it is time to take responsibility again for household chores and creating a house cleaning list for your children will get them involved in the cleaning process. You can start by having them clean their rooms once a week to prevent unnecessary clutter from building up and then give them a couple more chores throughout the rest of the house. You can motivate your kids to help out by establishing an award system.

Declutter Your Home

Unnecessary objects can accumulate quickly in your home and take up a lot of space. Objects that you no longer need or use are just clutter, and eliminating these objects can help reorganize the space in a better way. Decluttering is a good exercise for everyone in the family and you’ll be surprised at how much more space you will create.

Clean Your Carpet and Upholstery

Letting in fresh air during the summer is refreshing but the air coming in from outside contains dirt, pollen, and other airborne allergens that settle throughout your home. This dirt and debris accumulates on the furniture and carpeting which makes it a good idea to have your carpet and upholstery steam cleaned.

Use Doormats to Keep Dirt Out

The consistent in-and-out traffic in the summer results in dirt, grass, and other outside debris being tracked into the house.  The best way to keep outside dirt out of your home is by establishing a “no shoes” rule in the house. Placing a doormat or shoe basket near the entrances in your home will encourage others to follow the no shoes rule.

Clean Your Appliances

We use washing machines and dishwashers quite regularly but do we clean these appliances as needed? Dishwashers and washing machines pick up residue and odors that should be cleaned out so that the appliances can be more effective. Wipe down these machines to remove any built-up residue and use white vinegar to eliminate any odors.

Now that the kids are back in school, take this opportunity to clean the house before the colder fall weather starts settling in! We hope this checklist helps get you ready for fall, and if while cleaning you discover new ideas for how to make your house even better through a remodel or renovation we would be happy to help, contact us today!

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