Why do we partner with an architect?

NJW values understanding our clients, better design, avoiding errors, creative solutions, value design and making life easier and more enjoyable.  These are the same qualities and strong characteristics found in a reputable architectural firm.  Partnering with a team that values the same bottom line equals better quality design, better function, better structure and better living.  Over the years it has been our pleasure and honor to team with such reputable firms from the Columbus, Ohio market.  The ultimate rewards of these partnerships have been expanding our existing industry knowledge and erecting the best quality outcome for our clients.

Why work with NJW if you are an architect?

  • We are attentive to both the architects and the clients vision, needs and desires for each specific design
  • We appreciate budgets and welcome collaboration to ensure visual appeal, time lines and structural integrity are maintained while conscious of the bottom line
  • We take great pride in executing your designs and ideas to fruition…our reputation stands on it
  • Our years of experience teaming with architectural firms has garnered a respect for the importance of continual interface between client, architect and contractor

Advantages of using NJW and an architect

Two sets of eyes observing a project evolution, each sensitive to the specifics to their profession and training, is the umbrella protection all individuals can appreciate.  The two professions often resolve obstacles quite differently.  Contractors typically look for the logical and efficient solution, whereas, the architects tend towards visually appealing and functional solutions.  Marry the two visions and the final master piece is the grand prize.  NJW takes great pride in ironing out as many details as possible prior to the onset of construction.  Working with both an architect and NJW means clients can rest assured their renovation, addition or remodel has been extensively evaluated at all levels of design, function and construction.

We are happy to share portfolios of these partnership creations, and we invite you to initiate correspondence with these homeowners for feedback regarding their experience.  Contact us today if you are looking for an architect that marries well with the NJW team.  We would be glad to share some of our favorites!

Rogers Krajnak Architects


Walton Carr, Architects


Michael Schulte Architecture