You might have seen us featured in the ideabook for Housetrends (page 65 and 66 to be exact!) If you didn’t get a chance, you can click here to see it online! As your Columbus, Ohio remodeling company, we know the importance of making your renovations WORK for you.

When we were approached to remodel a bathroom in Baltimore, Ohio we knew it wasn’t our typical bathroom remodel…this one had to be designed with mobility in mind. One of the homeowners has muscular dystrophy which she uses a wheelchair to get around.  She played a large role in determining what her needs will be and reworking the entire space. Of course, we followed ADA standards but her voice was the top priority.

“She has a strong sense of design and wanted it to feel more like a luxurious space and less like a medical facility,” says Stacey Hoffman, interior designer with NJW.

This bathroom renovation, takes on modern farmhouse design that allows both homeowners to move freely throughout the space.

“Everything needs reviewed and evalu­ated from multiple angles,” Joel Walter (owner NJW) says. “Mechanicals need to be at arms reach for both primary users. There lies the overall desire—designing for all.”

We were excited to bring these ideas to life and create a space that was functional and spa-like! We relocated the shower, and closets were moved to the opposite side of the room to have better flow around the vanity and toilet.

We created a zero-entry shower space that includes a hydraulic seat for her, along with a nearby platform positioned so that she can rest her arm.

Putting thought into every renovation we do is sort of our expertise! We want to work with each homeowner to ensure they are being heard, and that their needs are being met.

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