NJW, your Columbus, Ohio contractors understand sometimes you want to know where you will get the most bang for your buck, especially if you are trying to stretch a buck!

We have come up with some great information to assist you with decided how to best spend your dollars. We want to let you know which minor home updates will pay off in the long run.

We have previously posted about Current Trends and What is Worth the Investment, but now we want to talk about home renovations, or residential remodeling projects that are around $1,000.

Priority #1 – The Kitchen

According to the National Association of Realtors, the kitchen is the single most important room for most prospective home buyers. If you don’t have the funds to do a complete kitchen remodel, don’t despair. For just $1,000 you can make some significant changes that will have home buyers doing a double-take, such as:

  • Refacing or refinishing your cabinets. Refacing involves replacing your cabinet doors but leaving the actual cabinets (boxes) intact. Depending on the size of your kitchen you can get it done for about $1,000 professionally or if you’re willing to undertake a little “DIY” work you can do it for less. It’s a quick and much less expensive way of getting “new” cabinets without the big demolition of brand new cabinets.

    If you have wood cabinets you could refinish them instead by simply stripping the old paint or varnish and applying new. For just a couple hundred dollars (plus some elbow grease to sand and paint or stain) you’ll get a whole new look.

  • Changing out the countertops. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may be able to swing new granite countertops with a $1,000 budget (you can find them as low as $40 per square foot on sale or at an outlet). For larger kitchens consider other, less costly options like stainless steel or solid surfacing products like Corian®. If you’re feeling adventurous you could create your own form, purchase concrete mix and make the countertops yourself for as little as $50!
  • Painting the room. With a gallon of paint covering approximately 350 square feet and running an average of $25, if you throw in the cost of brushes, tape, primer, etc. it could cost you as little as $75 to repaint a kitchen with 700 square feet of wall space. Your home improvement company, NJW, wrote about It’s Just Paint in of our latest blogs to jog your memory of what you can do with paint!
  • Upgrading appliances. Switching to energy-efficient Energy Star appliances will not only improve your kitchen’s appearance, it will also save you (and future owners) money on your monthly utility bills.
  • Updating accessories. Small changes like replacing outlet covers, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can give your kitchen an entirely different look and feel. When you consider that the average kitchen can be upgraded with new accessories for as little as $150 (according to the DIY Network), it’s a no-brainer for your small remodeling budget.
  • Tiling the floor.  If you have a small or moderate sized bathroom you may be able to find discounted tiles that you can install yourself (many tiling stores and home improvement centers offer free weeknight or weekend courses) for as little as $1 -$2 per square foot.

Priority #2 – Bathrooms
After kitchens, bathrooms are a home buyer’s biggest concern. Bathroom renovations typically give a homeowner an 80-90% return on their investment. For a small space, $1,000 can go a long way to helping you boost your home’s value.
In addition to tiling the floor, you could upgrade the vanity and sink. Depending on the size of your vanity and the number of sinks you would like to install you can buy a premade, finished piece at most “big box” home improvement stores (i.e. Lowe’s, Home Depot) and sink for several hundred dollars. Or opt for a pedestal sink (or two) and freestanding cabinets for storage – a hot new trend – and you’ll still come in well under your $1,000 spending limit.

Priority #3 – Crank Up the Curb Appeal
Small changes outdoors can really boost your home’s curb appeal for a potential buyer. Here’s where your $1,000 budget can create the biggest impact:

  • Add a deck. If you’re a handy guy or gal, or you have friends that fall into that category, consider building a wood deck to add to your home’s outdoor living space. If you’re not looking at a mammoth-sized deck you should be able to purchase the lumber, tools and supplies for less than a grand.
  • Pretty up the entranceway. Draw buyers to your front door with attractive planters, flowers and a hardwood bench or set of chairs and a small patio table. Line the walkway with a border of perennial plants or simple lighting fixtures. Make it very inviting!

As your preferred Columbus general contractors, we like to try to help home owners when their budgets allow, and help them when they are not quite ready to take on a big home renovation! If you need some inspiration for your projects, feel free to visit our online galleries!

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