As you all know our team at NJW is so important to us, and we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Kimberly Griley! For over 20 years we have relied on Kimberly to keep us all on top of things and ensure that NJW runs smoothly!

Here are some interesting facts about Kimberly that you may or may not have known before, we are so glad she is a part of our team!

Name: Kimberly Sue Griley; named after Kimberly Novak, a 1950’s movie star

Position at NJW: Captain of multitasking, executive Sherpa, workflow guru; personal secretary & business administrator

Job responsibilities: Accounts receivable/payable, payroll, invoicing of clients, assist in preparing budgets & marketing ideas, ensure compliance within the workforce and with our subcontractors.

Years on the job: I have been employed with NJW for 2 plus decades

Other jobs previously held: Manager at a local restaurant & a mixologist at a Country Club for 21 years where I worked side by side with my Mama who was also my boss!

Interesting Fact: When I came on board at NJW there was only Mr. Walter and myself in the office overseeing the daily operations. We have had wonderful significant growth thru the years and expanded our office staff 10 fold; Makes for a happy secretary as I no longer need to self teach thru google to learn to fix/deal with  IT issues; having the new younger generation on board with new ideas, intuitive knowledge of technology, open and adaptive to change, places importance on tasks rather than time & a passion for learning is a game changer and will take NJW to new heights.

More about Kimberly: I love to sing/karaoke, feel I am an accomplished cook of which I enjoy doing for others, love to move furniture around in other people’s homes. I have two phobias: emetophobia and arachnophobia. I am an early riser that enjoys quiet morning sunrises with my cup o’ joe. Wear my heart on my sleeve, easily offended & hurt. I am deeply connected to my family and check in with them multiple times a day; it’s where my heart always is.