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Our new name is official and our new team is enjoying working together. In addition to the internal forces uniting, we are also so thankful for our amazing new partners. Throughout this year we will be highlighting projects, people, and partners that help you as you plan your next remodeling project.

The first partner we want to introduce in 2022 is Amy Lauerhass of Lauerhass Architecture. Amy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to projects, and we are thankful for all the advice and assistance she provides.

We had a moment to connect with Amy to learn about her process, her style, and her amazing work. Thank you, Amy, for sharing your expertise with us!

What motivates you at work?

Creating wonderful spaces for my clients to live, work & play.

What has been the most fun, challenging, or interesting project you’ve worked on recently? And WHY?

Taking a large home with a gorgeous Tudor exterior, and reimagining the inside to fit today’s lifestyles.

What was the craziest thing that happened to you at work?

Probably the fact that sometimes I feel like part architect, part marriage counselor. ?

As an Architect, what is the best part about working with a trusted contractor?

Taking comfort in the fact that I know my vision will be implemented with skill & thoughtfulness.

What is something new you learned recently – either for your job or personally?

I recently traveled to Italy, and they are masters at creatively using small spaces!

What team member do you feel deserves a shout-out for the hard work, innovative solution, and/or best idea?

I have recently hired my first full-time employee, Mary, and she has been doing wonderfully.  It’s great to have some help after being swamped for way too long!

What tool, that you are currently using, is your favorite?

I am a bit old-school, so I am not into the “latest thing.”  My favorite tool is my laser tape measure!

What is a new store, food truck, event venue, or restaurant you have tried recently that deserves mentioning in our social media post?

I love Broadway, and I am so excited that shows are finally starting up again!

Best comment you heard or received from a client?

“I never thought of that idea – you just blew my mind.”

What CEU’s would be helpful for you?

Anything having to do with residential design.  A lot of classes online are geared towards commercial.

Favorite project you have worked on with RU and/or NJW?

Loved doing the Ortega-Carr Residence with Todd! (Image is from that project)

How can we find you?

Amy Lauerhass |Lauerhass Architecture

NJW Renovations Unlimited is proud to partner with Amy Lauerhass. If you are interested in learning more about our work remodeling homes throughout Central Ohio, please call us at 740.800.7050. We also encourage you to stop by our showroom at 5818 Winchester Road in Carroll, come and see the many different ways we are helping clients looking to design-build and remodel.