What can you do when you renovate to maximize your space?

At NJW, your Columbus, Ohio general contractors, we can help you CREATE space with your new renovation. As your family changes your needs change as well… maybe you now have a teenager that would like their own space, or an aging parent that you would like to incorporate space for in the renovation, or a new addition to the family …whatever your needs, we can help!

Proper research and expert help (like NJW!) can make this process as easy as possible and give the homeowner a finished product their family can enjoy for decades to come.

Typically, renovations focus on the areas of the home where the family spends the most time. This is usually the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and backyards.  Kitchens and bathrooms involve the most decisions from the homeowner.  Knowing your likes and needs as well as market trends is very important in making the best decisions.  Most families need to sit down and decide what areas of the home are most important to them, and we can help you understand how to create a space that will really help you reach your goal within your renovation.

When doing a kitchen renovation, the best ways to maximize your space are:

  • Big center islands that give you enough room to spread out, cook and work on a laptop
  • Having easy pullout drawers, and additional cabinet space for storage
  • Incorporating walk-in pantries that will free up space within your kitchen

Today’s kitchen fits more seamlessly aesthetically with the rest of the house. The kitchen is the one place a family can all come together after a long day.  

If you are considering a bathroom remodeling project, the best way to maximize your space is:

  •  Expanding the bathroom into adjoining closets or other spaces to allow for all the space and amenities that one needs 
  •  Creating a more open bathroom with natural light
  •  A walk in shower, if you plan on aging in place, thisrenovation stands the test of time

Bathrooms are used several times throughout the day and having something that works best for the family can make their lives more peaceful and efficient.  

At NJW, we try to repurpose existing space, and if we cannot we come up with the best alternative to give you what you need! If you are looking to move a master bedroom to a lower level, or add on…we can help you create a space that works for you, either using what you have, or finding the best place to add on to maximize your renovation!

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