Guest bathroom

As the bathroom that may not be used every day, it is easy to neglect the guest bathroom when it comes to updates and remodel projects. However, when it is time to tackle that outdated guest bathroom, incorporating style, comfort, and function is key to making the most of your guest bathroom for yourself and your guests.

Design Ideas for your Guest Bathroom

First and foremost, when you decide on the design of your guest bathroom, remember to keep your guests in mind. Think back to a time when you stayed somewhere (hotel, rental unit, friend’s home) and loved the guest bathroom you used. Whether it was ample storage, high-powered shower head, unique tile, or a beautiful mirror—think about trying to incorporate something similar into your space. It is likely if you appreciated it, your guests would as well.

Small Guest Bathroom Design Tips:

  • Go minimalistic, no bulk. If your guest bathroom lacks square footage, consider a floating sink or pedestal sink to keep the space open.
  • Secret Storage. To add storage without taking up more room, consider a recessed medicine cabinet that still has the storage, but doesn’t protrude from the wall. You can also consider pull-out drawers that are flush with the wall and add a sleek space for storage.
  • Not so secret shelving. Built-ins will never go out of style and can add so much to the look of a space and to the functionality. Another option is installing floating shelves; you can create storage without taking up too much space. Use that vertical space!
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall. By using mirrors strategically placed within the space (in any room) you can add the illusion that the area is bigger than it is. Just be cognizant of where you place them in the bathroom space.

Design Tips for Any Size Guest Bathroom:

Guest bathroom 2

  • Walk-in shower. A walk-in shower in the guest bathroom is a smart choice since its accessible for all your guests regardless of age, easy to clean, works in any size bathroom, and has a sleek look.
  • Smart touchless faucets. This add-on to your guest bathroom will reduce the spread of germs, reduce people wasting water, and is easy for any guest to operate.
  • Towel Warmers. A luxury that is so simple, it’s a must. Mounted on the wall and easy to operate, guests can warm up their towel while showering to enhance their stay.
  • Natural lighting. If possible, adding windows to the guest bathroom will brighten up the space, make it appear larger, and save energy.
  • Unique and decorative lighting. There are so many choices when it comes to lighting, and your choice is important in your guest bathroom. Beautiful lighting adds to the atmosphere and aesthetic and can create an overall calming feeling for your guests.
  • Splurge on the shower head. There is nothing worse than taking a shower under a low-pressure small-range shower head. Take the time to find a shower head that distributes water well with pressure, making your guests shower warm, relaxing, and easy.
  • Texture, tile, and tone. Right now, the trend is to mix and match tiles, hardware, and add texture. Get creative when choosing flooring, shower tile, material and hardware. If you are using paint or wallpaper, lighter and earthy tones are always a safe choice, but bold also has its place in the bathroom.

Extra Add-Ons with Big Impact

After you have remodeled your guest bathroom, take the time to stock it and decorate to meet guests’ needs. Having small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash is a nice touch. Having a hairdryer and extra toothbrush and toothpaste could really save the day in a pinch. Think of all the conveniences you expect or hope for when visiting a home and offer them to your guests. Some other nice ideas are:

  • High quality bath towels
  • Plants and greenery
  • Candles and other decorative items
  • Art for empty wall space
  • Mints, matchbooks, and reading materials

Your guest will feel special and cared for when they see how much thought you put into providing comfort and function to your guest bathroom. Traveling can be hard and can put us out of our element but having a space specifically for your guest with all the amenities that they need can go a long way. If you are ready to renovate or remodel your guest bathroom, NJW RU works with the best architects and designers to establish the perfect plan for your space. Our talented carpenters and field staff take great care of producing exactly what you want for every project. For more inspiration, visit our bathroom galleries, learn more about our staff, and contact us to get started.