Flip a light switch: It’s usually one of the first things you do each morning, and one of the last things you do each night—NJW, your residential renovation company, does not take this seemingly simple element lightly. Lighting is the single most significant factor in today’s 24/7 lifestyle, enabling people to work or play any time they choose.

As with any renovation project, spending time on planning your lighting design early in the process pays big rewards at the end in terms of satisfaction.

For a major residential renovation, the first step a homeowner should take is to have a lighting designer or building professional, such as NJW, do an evaluation of the existing conditions.

Working with a home renovation company will help you zero in on the things that you want to achieve with your lighting plans and improvements. When you design lighting for a room you have to consider what activities you’re going to engage in that space. The types of activities will influence your choice of fixtures and placement.

Luckily, we no longer have to endure rooms lit dimly by candles, animal-oil lamps, and gaslight, thanks to Thomas Edison’sNew Jerseyworkshop in the 1880s. With his perfection of the incandescent light bulb the possibilities for extending the work and leisure hours of the day grew rapidly. There are so many wonderful lighting options; we can help guide you in your decision making.

Edison’s invention has remained relatively unchanged in its basic operation, although an evolution has occurred in the placement of that light bulb. For years, a single bulb hung unadorned in the rooms of early 1900s houses, providing light but also glare. Eventually, translucent globes to encase the light bulbs came into fashion and still occupy many a ceiling. In the last decades of the 20th century, hiding the light bulb in recessed ceiling fixtures was adopted as a common practice, a technique that many home renovation companies continue today.

Another aspect that isn’t changing is the important role that lighting plays in creating a healthy, safe home environment. A person’s ability to see clearly, identify objects, prepare food, attend to personal grooming and perform many more functions all rely on the right type of lighting in every room of the house. Just as importantly, a person’s moods and emotions are triggered by light, a result of the direct connection between the way the retina converts light signals into neural signals in the brain. NJW, your home remodeling columbus ohio experts understand this importance and work with you to ensure your home is illuminated properly.

The key to getting the greatest benefit out of home lighting is to plan properly. Let us do the planning for you; we can take the guesswork out of everything!

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