Lighting Tips for your Kitchen Remodel

Layered Kitchen Lighting

At NJW, we believe in good design. When we think of good design, we want to incorporate 5 key lighting layers. So let’s talk about layered kitchen lighting! We have the perfect kitchen remodeling project to show off some beautiful kitchen lighting. Let us share how these layers came to life through this stunning project.

Layer #1 – Doing or task lighting; featured in undercabinet lighting.

Layer #2 – Feeling or ambiance lighting; included in the upper transom cabinets.

Layer #3 – Knowing or directional lighting; the recessed can lights provide the overall movement.

Layered Kitchen Lighting Recessed

Layer #4 – Changing or mood lighting; dimmable lights throughout create this layered kitchen lighting.

Layered Kitchen Lighting Under Cabinet

Layer #5 – telling a story or feature lighting; the undercabinet coffee area lights accentuated the family mug collection that shares all their adventures.

Layered Kitchen Lighting Transom

Thinking about a kitchen remodel in the future? Or maybe you just want to increase your layered kitchen lighting. What lighting layer do you need added to your home? Let NJW help you with your next remodel, contact us at 740.800.7050.

*NJW is a proud NARI member and award winner.