When you need a kitchen remodel in your New Albany, Ohio, home, the contractors at NJW Construction are ready to transform your current kitchen into a state-of-the-art showpiece.

Would you love to have a gourmet chef’s kitchen in your house? Our designers and remodelers know how to achieve the perfect “flow” in your kitchen, and the most important aspect is the proper placement of appliances to create a kitchen work triangle. By integrating the latest in modern technology and cutting-edge design, you can look like a professional chef even if you are merely a novice.

Kitchen Design for the Entire Family

NJW Construction keeps your whole family in mind when renovating your kitchen. We want the secondary users, the eaters and gatherers, to feel just as comfortable as the ones that are cooking the meals. If your kitchen also acts as a a multi-purpose room, where your kids do homework and hang out with friends, we’ll make sure to incorporate the space they need.

In fact, our goal is to create the look you want with the functionality you need. Check out our kitchen remodel gallery to see examples of the craftsmanship we apply to all our projects.

What about storage? Is your current kitchen overtaken with counter top clutter? Today’s gourmet kitchen solutions focus on organizational storage and functional kitchen cabinetry. To ensure that you get the storage you need, we spend time consulting with you in order to understand your family’s kitchen activities and requirements, and then we present solutions designed just for you!

For a kitchen remodel in your New Albany, Ohio, home, contact us today to find out just how beautiful and functional your kitchen can be. NJW Construction can design for any style; from contemporary quartz to shabby chic butcher block. Why try to DIY when you can work with the professional kitchen remodelers? Contact us today to get the conversation started.