Do you have a space that is screaming for a make-over? The flow of kitchen ideas to achieve that perfect room seems exciting. Keep in mind there may be unplanned pitfalls during the planning stage so be sure to research all your ideas and discuss them with professional kitchen remodelers so that your requirements are met and the room will mesh with the rest of your house.

Traffic Flow
Since kitchens tend to be the most used room in the house, potential home buyers look for roomy kitchens that are open to other areas of the house and have plenty of workspace. Kitchens that not only look good, but have great traffic flow and adequate work space, will not only benefit you and your everyday activities but it will also mean a better bottom line when it comes time to sell. It is a common practice for homeowners to add customized cabinets or larger amenities and forget about the use of the kitchen or bathroom. We need to review whether or not that larger refrigerator or whirlpool tub fits into your kitchen/bath remodel. And remember the chaotic part of the day when 2 to 3 people are trying to use this area at once. We recommend that the existing layout be viewed by a designer with renovation planning experience and get some possible options on how to improve each room area. The flow of these areas can either turn the project into a great project for the homeowner or just another project completed by the remodeler. The first sign of a poor design is when a homeowner says “If I could to do it all over again I would change …….” which a professional designer would never hear…

Proper Lighting
Beautiful kitchens and baths need to be properly lit in order to function well for the homeowner. For proper implementation of a kitchen lightning design, there are four kinds of lights that you can use. These are the task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting. We find that older homes and some new homes are poorly lit at best and that investing into additional light, adds function value as well as can create dramatic differences in projects by highlighting interesting features with lights. Any properly situated kitchen light can improve your kitchen’s look. It will get you in the mood to whip up creative and tasty meals, brighten up your mood, and make you feel even more comfortable and cozy. We are also receiving a lot of interest in LED lighting which is worth the time, money and effort since they are so energy efficient. Different “hues” are also available, but working with a qualified lighting designer with knowledge of the latest LED forms can make a big difference in a kitchen or bath.

Counter work space
One of the biggest complaints about kitchens and bathrooms design is the lack of countertops. When updating your kitchen, make sure that you have enough countertop workspace by evaluating how you use your countertops now and planning for your future needs. The amount of space you require will be specific to your needs and will vary in size based on the limitations of your room and budget. Understanding how traffic will flow through the kitchen is a useful tool in organizing countertop space so that it will be efficient and comfortable. Make a list of the types of activities you require countertop areas for, and evaluate how they may overlap when more than one person uses the kitchen.

Remodeling in the Wrong Order
There are many people who want to remodel in phases because they know that remodeling a kitchen or bath is going to be expensive. Replacing an appliance because the old one finally broke down is understandable…but it may make sense to consult with a kitchen designer before making this expensive purchase to see how a new one may impact a future makeover. Since many homeowners are likely to make quick decisions for repairs in the home, areas get remodeled in an order that hurts the final design and quality of the project. The best way to approach a project is to look at it as a “total package” …even if the purchases are in the future.

Unrealistic Budget
Everyone has a dream kitchen design! They also want a kitchen makeover on a budget. At NJW Construction when we design, I always need to let my clients know that I respect their budget limits, and that there are ways to save money and time in every area. However, unless homeowners are willing to do much of the labor themselves, good budget numbers should reflect qualified trade labor wages. As far as choices of products, this is the best area to control one’s budget. Stone counter surfaces, cabinetry, and appliances differ widely in material and labor cost to install…so every purchase decision becomes really important Work with professional kitchen contactors who can guide you through the all of the choices! Those customers who are proficient at researching online should still go over what they have found with their designer, to assure them of their final decisions.
We also suggest that consumers check out any companies that are bidding on the project through the BBB, Angie’s List, NARI- National Association of Remodeling and or the BIA- Building Industry Association (BBB, NARI, BIA, and Angie’s List). This helps customers get a builder in good standing and this simple step would stop most of consumers from being deceived.

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