The Backsplash! To most it’s simply known as that, just a backsplash. But to others, it’s an empty canvas just waiting to be a work of art. Backsplashes can be the focal point of the kitchen or even contribute to a large part of the house style. They can not only add a lot of extra style, but can serve a utilitarian purpose as spills and splatters of oil or foodstuff can be easily wiped away from the backsplash. So where do we begin? First, make a list of kitchen backsplash ideas that you see in magazines or on television shows. Also, give some thought to your needs, as well as your preferences for the backsplash. Sometimes that is easier said than actually done! There are a number of materials well suited for backsplashes. The best way to start is by making a list of ideas you saw in a magazine, on television or even in a house you had been inside. You should also study the colors of your current kitchen accessories or consider the purchase of new items in the kitchen before you make your choice, otherwise it might not work. Backsplashes can be very bold if that’s your style or they can be extremely plain and simple.

Let’s start with the front runner. Ceramic tile has a wide variety of shapes and sizes which makes it easy to accommodate any style you have in mind. With the technology used today you can even find a perfect replica of a natural stone. Ceramic can be used alone or combined in combinations with other materials. Tile is easy to install and maintain. Prices can range from very inexpensive to outrageous! A good budget tip is to use any sheet mounted mosaic as an accent, that way you get a customized backsplash and save some money at the same time! Another popular look is the subway tile. You see it in many sizes from 1×2 up to 6×12. They can be versatile as well because you can lay them both vertically and horizontally, plus their cuts can sometimes be used so you have little waste with them.

Two words to describe a stainless look: Urban Chic. Stainless will blend with most colors and design themes, but it can be expensive. The fact that it is easy to clean the spills and splashes of everyday cooking makes it a functional appeal for most people. Also, being offered in several design option, it can be easier to incorporate a stainless steel kitchen backsplash into most styles. For example, stainless steel tiles can be used in the same ways as ceramic or natural stone tiles. The patterns and designs are limitless! It can be used by itself, or mixed with glass or stone throughout. Most seem to prefer stainless behind the range to make clean up simple. Another option is stainless sheets. It’s used most often for a modern kitchen backsplash style. It’s usually not as popular as the tiles because of its simple look. The thing to keep in mind is that stainless will scratch and dent, so the sheets would not be a suitable option unless you don’t plan to use your kitchen.

Installing a natural stone backsplash can create a warm, inviting atmosphere as well as a look of luxury. Some well known natural stones available are granite, marble, limestone and slate. Each has different characteristics, can be finished in different ways and is available in many sizes. The most popular is tumbled stone tiles and the most common color used is beige. Because natural stone tile backsplash can be paired with many other materials, mixing them with glass or metal is typical. Another common look often used is a mosaic stone backsplash which is available in sheets that can be cut for easier installation.

A glass tile backsplash adds a clean, sleek and seamless look to any room and instantly updates any kitchen or bathroom space. Glass tiles can be used in an unlimited range of applications: kitchens backsplashes, bathroom backsplashes, shower walls, accent borders, pools, spas, waterfalls or any application to suit your imagination. Choose a sleek contemporary look or complete a sophisticated effect with a choice of warm shades and finishes. You can choose among clear, frosted, patterned, tinted and fully colored glass tiles. Let’s not forget the recycled glass tile backsplash for anyone who wants to earn green points! The vibrancy and depth of color combined with the reflective quality of glass result in a unique and dramatic effect. With the use of effective spot lighting, glass tiles can turn the most undesirable of areas into stunning and dazzling spaces.