NJW your Columbus, Ohio contractor understands the importance of an entrance…from the façade to the functionality.

A home’s entryway paints a portrait of both your design aesthetic and personality. Often overlooked, this area holds potential for plenty of charm. We advise your entrance be grand and inviting from the exterior, we have done a lot of work to make entrances really pop and make a statement on the exterior of the home…but for this purpose we want to talk about the space once you step inside the home. With some home design inspiration, an entrance hall can make a much better impression on guests which will have a payoff for the rest of the home. The basic principle is to make the most of the space you have available.

Here are some items we believe will maximize your entryway space:

A bench with storage: A convenient spot to sit and tie shoes is always a great way to greet guests, it will also serve as a great spot when they are exiting!

Open Shelving: Entrance halls can often appear to be smaller than they actually are because they are dominated by a storage closet for hat, coats and boots. If your hall has a storage unit with a door you can shut on any clutter it can be hard to even think of giving it up. However, by removing the closet, or by taking the door off, you can open up the hallway. By creating an open storage system with some hooks and shelving your hallway will have a more airy feel.

Lighting: Nothing improves the impression a hall will make than bringing more light into the space. Do away with drapes or blinds that shut light out. If your home improvement budget allows, add windows. If that is out of the question, exchanging your front door for one that houses as much glazing as possible is a tip to consider. Homes with internal glazing, or floor to ceiling windows, often have stunning hallways because of the flow of light, but this is only really suitable if you have sufficient grounds that your home still provides adequate privacy.

Paint it white: An entrance hall with a dark floor is very practical as they usually take the most punishment in the home. However, this can make the room a little gloomy. The simplest answer is to have the walls painted in sheer white. Don’t forget to paint the hallway’s ceiling, too, in order to make the most of the light reflection that white paintwork affords.

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