NJW your Columbus, Ohio contractor knows that once construction is completed on a home renovation or remodel everyone is anxious to utilize the space, or “move into” the area…but one thing that must not be overlooked is clean-up. At NJW Construction we believe this is an important aspect to the entire project and to truly give you peace of mind, the clean-up needs to be completed correctly!

A complete cleanup is a very important task and if considered prior to initial demolition, excessive deep cleaning at the project’s completion can be minimized to some degree.  From the very start of a home remodel, we at NJW Construction, take great pride to secure areas of remodel with plastic wall sheathing.  This will create a separation barrier between work zones and the “still intact” living quarters of the home.   However not every remodel area will be directly connected to the home’s exterior, so NJW takes the next measure of respect, to the family and home, and will cover flooring with plastic carpet runners or drop cloths if hard surfaces are involved.  This covering will be installed from the construction entrance to the remodel area.  All of this will not eliminate the need for a final cleaning, but it will maintain a more bearable interior living space during the renovation.  And then as construction begins to subside, and prior to the big “move back in day”, clean-up is more manageable and less intense on everyone involved.  In that final, very crucial construction step, we will clean-up the renovated areas to move-in condition including interior cleaning of windows. Below find additional steps NJW will take to clean your newly remodeled space and also the reasons your home renovation area should be clean prior to occupying the space:

  • Collect all dust and debris in the construction zone before the space is used for its intended purpose. No one wants to be breathing in construction materials after the project is complete.  Vacuuming a completely renovated area with the right equipment is what can set apart a good remodeling team from the others. The Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum systems NJW employs during this final clean-up stage includes special filter and vacuum bag inserts. This sounds simple, but if you have ever used the standard vacuuming systems without such filters and bags you realize many times the unit is blowing much of the debris collected right back into the surroundings.
  •  If cabinetry, drawers and closets are included in the home renovation it is important that all be completely cleaned before utilizing them. This includes taking drawers out of their place and cleaning all areas of cabinetry. This insures the contents go in their place clean and come out clean when you need them!
  • A thorough floor clean-up will be performed so no grit or debris remains on your floorsDebris left behind can cause injury to your feet as well as ruin floor surfaces.

Though these clean-up measures are applied to the affected remodeled zones, the entire home cannot be kept completely free of construction airborne material. So, the following are general guidelines one may want to employ to the homes remaining areas once the construction teams have departed and your home is now yours again.

  • Wipe all walls and ceilings with a flat mop to remove fine dust that has attached itself.
  • Vacuum all surfaces and ledges, high and low to collect all dust deposits.
  • After being vacuumed, all surfaces should be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any remaining fine dust residue.
  • All built-in cabinetry and drawer units should be vacuumed and damp wiped.
  • Carpeted floors should get a thorough vacuum, and in extreme cases may need to be hot water extracted.
  • Ceramic floors should get a thorough vacuum, and then a good mopping.
  • Hardwood, laminate and other wood-type flooring should get a thorough vacuum, a good mopping and then dried with a flat mop.
  • Be sure to clean your kitchen area and its appliances, and your washrooms and their fixtures, debris travels and these spaces are where you eat and expose yourself to many surfaces.

We take pride in our work from start to finish and keep the work sites as clean as they can be during construction…but you should always be diligent about cleaning after to ensure your home is move in ready for your family! Contact us today to see how we can help with your next home renovation or remodel!