Figuring out the best time to get started on certain renovations can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be! Let us help you decide when you should begin your next home remodeling, or home renovation project Columbus, Ohio.

Timing with home improvement or home maintenance is everything. If you get the timing right, you’re going to save yourself time, aggravation and maybe a little money. Consider the weather, the cost of materials, which fluctuate throughout the year, and contractor availability… Those three factors drive the timing around certain projects.

While there are perfect times of year to do this or that, ultimately, the schedule of the project is conditional on the schedule of the professional you’re about to hire…and we know an amazing company for you to hire…hint hint.


Weather is going to dictate the timing of a number of projects, such as installing a fence.

Many projects require planning and getting permits, which can take an unexpected amount of time, so plan ahead.

If you want to enjoy your wood deck or pool in the summer, you would want any repair or restoration on those items be completed in the spring. The same goes for upgrading your air conditioner, which is best addressed before sweltering temperatures arrive. By then, HVAC specialists are likely to be booked solid, leaving you little wiggle room for scheduling your project.

Get ahead of the rainy season and consider fixing your gutters in early spring. Many gutters take a beating in the winter.


If you are looking to replace a few old windows, summer is a good time to save money on the job, because manufacturers tend to slash their prices around June and July. Be warned, it can take a while to order windows, so be sure to get a jump-start on the process.

Summer is also ideal for servicing your furnace as well as your repairing your fireplace or cleaning the chimney. More furnace and fireplace professionals are available during the summer months because people tend to wait until it gets chilly to tackle heating-related projects.


Early fall is when you want to start preparing for winter, per our last blog… replace worn weather stripping or storm doors and consider caulking any drafty areas.

Early fall is also an ideal time to freshen up the exterior of your house and get the best painters. For optimal adhesion of paint, manufacturers also recommend the application of exterior paint when the temperature is 50 to 90 degrees and not too muggy.


Waiting until the fall to complete certain exterior house projects could also help you avoid the severe labor shortages of the summer months.

Another ideal fall project is lawn care, because the weather conditions are best for fertilizing and aeration.


Toward the end of the winter, you should take a look at pruning your trees. This could wait until early spring as well, but as the cold weather draws to a close, any weaknesses in the limbs that developed over the winter will be evident and ripe for trimming.

Interior painting is another project that is best executed in the late winter, when manufacturers often offer the best deals on paint!

Winter is also a good time for kitchen and bathroom remodeling because of material and contractor availability. These are projects that you definitely need to start planning months ahead of time, but executing the work during this season could save you time and aggravation, and who doesn’t want that?

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