The Columbus Dispatch featured NJW, your home remodeling company, in an article about home elevator installations being on the rise. We were happy to work with Cris and Judy Lunn from Lancaster on their remodel, which included an elevator.elevator-art-g0j10sh95-16-elevator2-kr-1-jpg

When a homeowner, like the Lunn’s, chooses to install an elevator in their home they are looking to remain in their home for many years. An elevator takes a multi story home and gives it the same functionality as a ranch home would for those hoping to age in place.

As the article states, when an elevator is added to an existing home, the job becomes far more complicated, and the cost can quickly rise. That type of an installation requires a shaft to be carved out of the floor plan or you can do what the Lunns did, which is an easier option, add it to the outside of the pre-existing home.

“We don’t need an elevator today, but it will be very nice when it’s done if we do need it,” -Cris Lunn

Planning for the future is always encouraged when we discuss remodeling with our clients. We want you to enjoy your remodel for many years, and that might mean planning farther in advance than you originally thought. The Lunns are a great example of this.

We added a three-story elevator shaft onto the back of their home. The elevator is part of a remodeling project that includes an attached, two-car garage addition and a two-story sunroom porch renovation, and the shaft is masked on the home’s outside. Inside, the elevator opens on the main floor; the second floor, for the bedrooms; and the basement, which is where the laundry room and Cris’ woodshop are located.

Whether you are thinking about a remodel, or taking your home from its current state and making it more livable in the future, we can help you with that! We are experienced in remodeling a home and making it livable for our homeowners for many years to come. If aging in place is something you might be interested in, contact us today!

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