At NJW Renovations Unlimited, we enjoy being an active part of our community and give back where it is most needed. Todd Schmidt has devoted decades working hard to ensure that our company has a culture of giving and commitment within our community. One commitment very personal to Todd is Leave A Mark church.

Give Back Church

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Leave A Mark:

16 years ago, Pastor Steve Combs saw 40 acres of property at the corner of Parsons Avenue and Rathmell Road and imagined a place to worship, grow and learn. He, Todd and many members have worked tirelessly to take this land, building, and barn and turn it into a place where the community can come together to help their neighbors.

According to Todd, “It started with a renovation of the two-story brick building for the church office. We renovated the barn for small gatherings. Then five years ago, the congregation saved up enough money and we built a new building for them.” Todd was drawn to helping the church with the building despite it not being a typical project for him. Working solely in residential remodels and rebuilds, a commercial building was new territory, but he knew he wanted to do it and that he could.

Give Back:

This new worship center was built to accommodate up to 350 people, and includes a café, overflow space, as well as children’s classrooms. When the center opened, Leave A Mark Church started a community outreach food pantry program for families and people in need. The original barn, which was renovated for small gatherings was then converted into a food pantry.

Joining forces with the Mid-Ohio Food Collective, our NJW RU staff help load up the truck and bring items to the Leave A Mark Food Pantry for members of the community.

On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month, 50-70 families are served from the LeaveAMark Food Pantry “There are no questions, no judgment, and no shame—families in need just come, get what they need, and continue on,” states Schmidt.

Give Back

Providing Hope:

It is not lost on us that this organization and the tremendous work they do to give back to the community provides far more than subsistence for these individuals. It provides hope, trust, and kindness to people who need it most. Being a part of this endeavor is just one of the ways we can help others and give back to a community that has been so kind to us. Regardless of faith, age, employment, or social status, help is wanted and needed, and it feels good to be a part of it.

At NJW Renovations Unlimited we know that it is our client community and their referrals that help us to grow and prosper. In turn, we are committed to ensuring that we do the same for our community.