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The art of interior design is complicated, unique, and requires a pristine eye. A talent that infuses style and color with the wants and needs of the client, making it fit perfectly into the space provided. One of the design groups we work with, Crimson Design Group, offers a team of talented individuals that create immaculate visual spaces while also incorporating function and comfort. The philosophy behind their designs is: “artful design meets practical, personal use with the award-winning expertise of Crimson Design Group. High-touch service, passionate drive, and creative excellence—expect nothing less.” NJW Renovations Unlimited is proud to be a collaborative partner with Crimson Design Group, harnessing their unique design style to work with the client to make their homes the picture-perfect reflection of who they are and what they love.

Recently, we worked alongside Stephanie Fulkerson Walker, Design Director with Crimson Design Group. Stephanie began her career with Crimson at just 17 years old as a college intern and worked her way up to Design Director. In early June she will be celebrating her 17th anniversary! She credits her longevity with Crimson to the amazing company culture and the vision of the owner, Cheryl Stauffer. We took some time to get to know Stephanie and learn more about her work as a designer, her experience with NJW Renovations Unlimited, and her design process.

What has been the most fun, challenging or interesting project you’ve worked on recently? And why?

We have such an amazing client base and get a lot of referrals as well as returning customers. People with vacation homes come back wanting us to help with those properties—so we get a lot of great projects. There is a property in Florida that comes to mind. It is more of a modern contemporary home and bringing in the client’s style has been interesting; they are very casual and comfortable. Additionally, there is a home in Scottsdale, AZ that is really cool—totally different aesthetic, Moroccan, and bohemian-styled home. This property is challenging because when it comes to materials and finishes, figuring out how to layer fabrics and textures within our Crimson brand, isn’t as straightforward.

You mentioned the Crimson Brand, can you talk a little about that?

Sure! The Crimson Brand is not just a similar look done in a different way over and over—it is specific to each client. We use timeless elements for the bones of the home—very neutral and classic. Then we like to add pieces with rich meaning—maybe an heirloom, antique, or a vintage piece. Lastly, we incorporate pops of color with accessories, furnishings, etc. It all depends on the client and what they love. There is flexibility in all elements of the design, but these elements incorporate our brand.

What is the craziest thing that happened to you at work?

One time in the dead of winter, we had an installation happening in a home. We were bringing in furniture and it was freezing, below zero. The client had glass tables which in winter, are kept in heated storage and transported in a heated truck. When we were moving the tables from the truck to the house, the moment the table hit the frigid air, the glass shattered. It was crazy to see! Obviously, we were able to replace the piece and fix the issue, but I had never seen anything like that.

As a Designer, what is the best part about working with a trusted contractor?

It is the most important thing for a successful project. Designers can create a beautiful design, but the contractors bring it to life. Being able to work with someone you know and trust, who is organized, knowledgeable, and understanding is key. Being able to work together to problem-solve will result in a better end result. I value their work—contractors do so much—coordinate, build a team, make it all come together.

What is a tool you’re currently using that you love?

As the business has grown, the ability to overlook projects and progress has become increasingly difficult.   has helped to track progress and is an amazing project management tool. It gives you the ability to see a virtual to-do list and has become a vital tool in the success of my day-to-day job and really the company as a whole.

What is a comment you have heard or received from a client that you loved?

It is inevitable that some projects get drawn out and especially recently with the Covid Pandemic. I had a client say at install “it’s better than I could have ever imagined.” Hearing this was so fulfilling and just reignites my drive for the next project.

Is there a team member you would like to give a shout-out to?

The entire team is truly amazing. Jessica Rose and Lindsey Ashorn have really blossomed. They have flourished and handled everything that is put on their plates. The attention to detail and their design eye are really a fun thing to watch. Their work ethic is strong, and I am really enjoying watching them grow. Lisa Woods is another one. She mostly works in commercial and really goes above and beyond to make them all different. Lastly, I want to shout out to our heart of house team. They do all the computer-based pricing, studio capturing, ordering—we could not do what we do without them.

What is your favorite project you have worked on with NJW Renovations Unlimited?

Every project with NJW Renovations Unlimited has been great, but I am partial to the unfinished carriage house we worked on recently. The client had big requests in a very small space, and I loved the challenge of making it what they wanted. I wouldn’t have dreamt of working with anyone else, because NJW RU really knows what they are doing, and they do it well. It turned out fabulous and we checked all the boxes on their wish list.

carriage house kitchen


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We really enjoy working with Stephanie and the Crimson Design Group to tailor our remodels and renovations to meet our clients’ visions. Their attention to detail and preference is always a priority and their work highlights that. If your home needs some customization or renovation, we are ready to help! Working with the best in the business to transform your home into your dream home is what we do. Visit our website today and schedule a home remodel consultation!