Name: Nate Buccilla

What is your position at NJW? Consultant

What are your current job responsibilities? (Training to) Prepare estimates, meet with clients, follow-up leads, help on job sites, and bring in pizza to the office on Thursdays.

When did you begin working at NJW? September 9th

Where else have you worked? WOUB Public Media, Lake Hope Dining Lodge, Hickory Lakes

What colleges did you attend or what training have you received? I graduated from Ohio University May 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Communications (Broadcast Journalism)

Where do you live? Pickerington

What volunteer work do you do? I wait tables at Little Sicily’s on Brice Road on Wednesday nights and am a part of Grace Fellowship.

What else do you want us to know about you? I am looking forward to learning more about the industry and help out any way possible!