7_28landscape-lightingAt NJW, your Columbus, Ohio general contractors, we enjoy all things related to your home…we believe that good home renovation, or remodels can be complimented by its exterior or landscaping! We wanted to share with you, some of the top garden trends that you will see in 2015!

Here’s what you can expect some trends to be in 2015:

1. Gardening for the Greater Good is In; Gardening for Self-Gratification is Out.

The first trend shows that we’re all getting a little more eco-conscious. Many people are moving toward gardening for reasons other than our own pleasure. 

2. Buying Local is In: Big Eco-Footprints are Out.

This is a two-prong trend. We’re seeing and thinking more about using native plants, which is good for the environment and for the gardener. Plants that have adapted to your area will grow well there and look good in your garden. But they are also finding a trend back toward vegetable gardening. The easiest, least expensive way to go organic and ensure you know what you’re feeding your family is to grow it yourself.

3. Corresponding Color Combinations are In; Complementary Color Combos are Out.

We don’t change our wardrobe to keep up with color trends in fashion and we don’t plan to re-work the garden just because orange is the new pink.  

4. Smart ‘n Easy Gardens are In; High Maintenance Gardens are Out.

Who sets out to design a high maintenance garden? If you’ve got the money for that, you probably have the money to hire someone to take care of it.

5. Curvaceous Gardens are In; Square Gardens are Out.

We like gardens and landscaping that move with your house and have a natural flow, and it appears that is on trend!

6. Well-Lit Gardens are In; In the Dark Gardens are Out.

Garden lighting is meant to extend usable time in your outdoor entertaining areas, but it would be great to have some mood lighting to showcase all your hard work!

We feel that loving where you live, whether through a remodeling project, home renovation, an addition, or via outdoor landscaping, is all an important aspect of making your house truly a home!

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