NJW, your columbus remodeling contractors, can help you properly plan your new room addition and then construct your room addition according to your needs and desires. Room additions are rewarding for homeowners in many ways, including much needed space for living and improved lifestyle. Room additions can also increase the value of your home if they are designed with proper planning and constructed with quality craftsmanship. Planning ahead for room additions is the key to achieving the desired results and providing lasting enjoyment for many years.


When deciding on a room addition for your home, the first consideration is the room addition’s function. The most popular room additions today:

  • New bathroom
  • Family room
  • Dining room
  • Sun room
  • Expanded kitchen

These options vary greatly in complexity, cost of construction, and amount of space required. NJW will consult with you and discuss your home addition and remodeling needs.

Next, you must consider where you want to put the additional space–horizontally or vertically. If you live in a ranch-style home or a house with a finished attic with dormers, then it’s often less costly to add a complete second floor including a bathroom than to add a master bath on the ground floor by building out. Because the plumbing drains, vent pipe, and water connections are already in place, it’s relatively simple to connect to them in a second-floor addition. You will need framing, flooring, and a new roof, and then you are nearly complete.

On a ground-floor addition such as a master bath, you will still need the same elements but you will also need to re-route the plumbing and electric. A “dry” room like a family room addition is less expensive to add on the ground level than a bathroom or kitchen–even if the family room is several times the square footage.

Further planning
When planning ahead for room additions, there are many other factors to consider:

  • Your Budget: Many people experience sticker shock when speaking to contractors about room additions. Let us sit down with you and go over all your options.
  • Wise Investment: A homeowner can often recoup a good portion of the cost of a second bathroom, or a family room in many cases. An extra bathroom will usually add more value than a family room. However, if you have a modest home in an upscale neighborhood, a family room could be a wise choice.
  • Permits and Zoning: NJW will find out if your town allows for the square footage of your intended expansion. Will the addition be too close to your property line? Are their height restrictions? There are many obstacles in local zoning codes that we can assist you with.

An experienced room additions contractor like us can be a great resource in helping you make the right decisions. Since we are local professionials with references in your neighborhood, we are aware of the local laws and handle all the permitting. This takes the pressure off of you, which we aim to do!

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