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The earliest bathtubs inAmericawere simple wooden tubs, lined with metal and the water was poured in by hand. The first public bath was opened here in 1852.

In the early decades of this century, many apartments in American cities were equipped with a bathtub in the kitchen. When European immigrants arrived here many considered the bathtub an unnecessary luxury, and used the tub as a planter for flowers and vegetables.

Since we have come a long way in our methods of bathing we wanted to introduce you to an item we consider a functional luxury! If you take a look through many bathroom photo galleries one item you might notice that jumps out at you is a free standing bath tub. We feel these can enhance the design of any bathroom.  They give the space a great focal point.


As your columbus home remodeling team, we wanted to share some reasons why you might want incorporate a stand alone tub into your next bathroom remodel columbus ohio:


  1. Spaciousness- When you have a free standing tub all the space next to and around the tub makes it seem more open and airy.
  2. Sculpture- the shape of the tub can play off the tile and floor patterns
  3. Nostalgia- if you select a more vintage claw foot tub it can add a bit of vintage style to the room
  4. Elegance and Drama- you can select a tub to really show off the space
  5. Faucets- you can select some really cool faucets that begin at the floor and drop into the tub.


We have found in our most recent bathroom remodeling projects that free standing tubs are not only a trend but many are proving to be the key design element within a bathroom.  We invite you to visit our bathroom remodeling gallery here as well as go online to view some providers of free standing tubs (Costco, Home Depot, Kohler, etc.)


Contact NJW today and see how we can incorporate a free standing tub into your space, or contact us for a bathroom remodel consultation. We would be glad to examine your space and help you create the bathroom of your dreams.


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