As your Columbus Ohio contractors, NJW knows how important a house’s curb appeal can be for resale and overall aesthetics of the home.  If you have some serious exterior envy right now, NJW is here to tell you to stop envying your neighbor’s house and with a few steps you too can have an enviable exterior!

Sometimes, a simple residential renovation is in order, and just changing the paint colors can really revive your home’s appearance. Other times a plain exterior can be made more distinctive by adding a package of coordinated trim. Or you can go for the truly dramatic by adding porches or dormers to totally change the character of your house. Since we have experience in all these areas, NJW can assist you from the design stage to the construction and completion.

You might wonder how to get started, and we suggest that you look around at houses in your area and really find what you like, and what speaks to your style of home. Then maybe snap a photograph of your house, blow it up on a copying machine, lay a sheet of tracing paper over it and sketch out some different details that you feel might look good on your home.  See what impact dormers would have on the front of the house, or how a new trim treatment or a covered entry would change its appearance. If this kind of creativity isn’t your strong suit, you can always contact your central Ohio contractors, NJW to help you with the layout and design of your residential renovation.

Some of the elements we have found that make a large impact on a homes exterior are:

The entryway– The natural focal point of the façade, the entry is often the site of the most dramatic changes. Entries can be enhanced or redefined in many ways.

The roof- Redesigning the profile and pitch of the roof is a dramatic strategy. Properly scaled and styled, dormer additions are a major but manageable cosmetic improvement.

Materials- Simplicity is the key to using building materials effectively. While in many cases new siding can be installed over the existing material without much trouble, don’t overindulge.

Trim- There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to trim. You can use traditional wood millwork and trim pieces or polyurethane molding that looks like the real thing.

Finally, remember the garage. Particularly if it’s detached, it should receive a similar treatment as the main house. For a coordinated look, investigate the options for garage door and window designs before you sign off on a scheme for the whole house.

As your Columbus Ohio home improvement company we hope you get inspired by these ideas and examples, and we can help you make your home a real head-turner!

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