Entertaining Room Additions

We all know that family who is always hosting guests for holidays, get-togethers, watching the big game, or just a night in to hang out with friends. Growing up, there was always one house all the kids congregated to after school or on weekends. If you are someone who likes to host groups or just craves an entertainment space for your family but doesn’t have one in your current home, a room addition could be the perfect answer. These additions will maximize space, increase value, and can be tailored to your design tastes and needs.

Entertaining Room Additions: A Room Dedicated to FUN

Increasing in popularity, room additions designed for entertainment are full of possibilities. This doesn’t mean specifically a game room (although, that is an option), these can be a great room/living area, a bar and billiard room, a movie room, indoor pool area or an incredible 4 seasons room. Regardless of the location of your addition, it can be designed to encourage connection, entertainment, and relaxation.

Adding on to the back of your home is a common addition since it doesn’t affect the existing front structure of the home. However, building on to a second floor is also possible, as well as creating a second structure above a detached garage.

Entertaining Basement

Ideas for Your Entertaining Room Additions

There are so many options for your room addition, here are some ideas that may help you get started on creating your ideal entertainment room.

  • Use reliable and eye-catching materials that fit the function of the room.
  • Make it multi-purpose. Want to use this room for multiple things? No problem. Dividing the room up for a movie/projector area, ping-pong area, bar area, and card game area is a great way to have multiple things to do for you and your guests.
  • Spend time on lighting. The kind of lighting you choose along with the fixtures really sets the mood for the space. Want more natural light? Consider floor to ceiling windows or even skylights!
  • Bring the outside, in. Need even more natural light? A patio or 4 season room is a great addition for entertaining. With great flow into the house, these “outdoor” options can be ideal spaces.
  • Furnish the space wisely. Depending on the intention of your room, make sure you have all the furnishings needed to make it comfortable and functional.
  • Don’t forget about vertical space. High ceilings are always a nice touch to a home or addition. If you need a slightly separated space in your new room, consider a loft area with kids’ games and toys or even a ceiling high play area that feels like a hovering fort. Want to play live music? Use a loft or vertical space as a stage for when friends and family gather to hear you play!

Room addition sunroom

Things to Consider

Before we leave you to start the project planning for your new, exciting entertainment addition, there are a couple things to consider.

  1. Depending on what and where you are adding to your home, it may be valuable and necessary to put in a bathroom area for guests.
  2. Another consideration, also depending on location and function, is the idea of adding a small kitchenette to house drinks, snacks, and assist in food preparation.kitchen
  3. Functionality is HUGE in any project and taking all things into consideration is important. We are in the business of considering all things important in an entertaining addition. Imagine your entertaining space and we will show you how to make it a reality.

line drawing

Time to get started?  NJW Renovations Unlimited has the experience, knowledge and staff to help you entertain. We partner with the best architects and designers in the area to make sure every aspect of your addition is exactly what you want. We would love to work with you!