As your go to place for remodeling columbus ohio, NJW wants to share some tips when it comes to entertaining overnight guests. We have built many family room additions that served this purpose!

If you want to make your overnight guests feel welcome follow these simple steps:

  • Be yourself: Most house guests aren’t expecting a perfectly immaculate house, and if they are, there’s no point in loading your shoulders with the pressure to try.
  • Let your guests be themselves: Really mean it when you say, “Make yourself at home.” If you’re willing to have guests, be willing to let them put their feet up on your coffee table.
  • Provide extra toiletries: Nothing fancy — just toothpaste, soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, and unopened toothbrushes.
  • Keep coffee and tea on hand: Even if you don’t drink it, a coffee drinker is always thankful to be able to make a cup of joe in the morning. It doesn’t have to be anything high-end if you don’t drink it, but make sure it’s fresh!
  • Let them help around the house: Don’t put them to work, of course, but people will be more relaxed and feel less like an intruder if you say yes to their inevitable question, “Can I do anything?” Let them do something small, like set the silverware at the dinner table. Chat with them while you work together.
  • Prepare your guest’s favorite breakfast, or have snacks they enjoy on hand: What is more welcoming than fixing them breakfast the next morning, or putting some of their favorite snacks out throughout the day? This shows that you put some thought into their visit prior to coming, and are excited they are around.
  • A good night’s rest makes all the difference:  Many guests who spend the night are saving money by staying with you but that doesn’t mean they want to sleep on the floor.  Be sure to have nice linens and good pillows.  Pillows are an inexpensive way to make any guest’s overnight visit much more comfortable.

When you meet with NJW to discuss your home additions and remodeling be sure to include information such as: you like to entertain, have overnight guests often, or plan on having a designated space for your guests. We can assist you with a more specific plan for your residential renovation or family room addition. We know that making guests feel welcome is an important factor for homeowners and we are the best Columbus Ohio contractors for the job!

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