Whether it’s a tiny powder room or a shower stall that’s basically on top of the toilet we’ve seen it all! A small bathroom can make your routines a lot less efficient. However, smaller bathrooms can look as good and work as hard as their larger counterparts. Let us help you discover all that your bathroom could be! You don’t have to let limited space stop you from having your dream bathroom, your Columbus, Ohio home remodeling company is here to help!  Here are some ideas that might make you forget how small your bathroom really is!

Replace Swinging Doors

Whether it’s the entrance or a closet door, replacing hinges and installing pocket doors will end up saving valuable and usable space in a small bathroom.

Use a Big Mirror

A wall-to-wall mirror is a guaranteed way to create the illusion of spaciousness.

Go Glam With a Gallery Wall

No room is too small for artwork. In fact, sometimes small spaces are the perfect places to display your style.  Since you have a captive audience, why not use those available vertical surfaces to showcase great artwork or a collection.

Find Deep Storage

Make up for a nonexistent linen closet with a strategic configuration. Whether it’s a mirrored medicine cabinet or a vanity with deep shelving to fit towels, we encourage you to seek out creative and functional solutions to utilize every precious square inch.

Install a Floating Shelf

In a small bathroom, a floating shelf will be a life-saver for essentials like washcloths, hand soap, candles, and tissues.

Opt for Glass Shower Doors

Skip the satin/etch glass or opaque curtain, and opt for clear glass doors instead. It’ll make the shower feel like you have gained livable square footage.

Build Shower Niches

If you’re short on space try to incorporate built-in shelves and niches within the bathing areas to house all those essential showering products.

Choose a Fun Wallpaper

If you have a small bathroom without much access to natural light—for example, a windowless space under the stairs—embrace the moodier, edgier atmosphere with darker tones and dim lighting. Modern wallpaper can really set the right mood!

Continue Floor Tile

Run tile from the bathroom floor straight into the shower stall, it makes the rooms square footage seem larger.

Try A Floating Basin Sink

Skip bulky cabinets and install a floating basin sink to save space. Plus, it looks incredibly chic.

We hope you found these tips helpful, remember we always have a designer on our team to help you make all the decisions you need during your renovation! Contact us to see how we can make your smaller space all you dreamed it could be.