As your professionals for remodeling columbus ohio, NJW enjoys sharing tips that might enhance your existing spaces, and this includes your closets! We have compiled a few tips to help you get your closet a bit more organized, and remember we can help you out with your closet organization or installing a system during your next residential renovation.

Folding clothes:

Shelves should be about 12 inches deep, roughly the depth of a stack of clothes. You don’t want a lot of wasted space in front or behind.

  • Ventilated shelves promote airflow around folded clothes, which cuts down on the possibility of mold, mildew, and pests.
  • Group like with like (jeans with jeans, etc.). Same-size items stack more neatly. Put clothes you use most in the center at eye level.
  • Don’t stack higher than about a foot, and leave at least 6 inches between the top of the stack and the next shelf for easy reaching in.
  • Add drawers to collect smaller items. If you don’t have drawers, use a basket or two. Position drawers below eye level so it’s easy to peer into them and see what it is you need.

Hanging Clothes:

Hanging up clothing inside a closet is an easy way to keep clothing organized, especially if you have a lot of dress clothes, suits, or dresses.

  • For the double-hang area, put the shortest clothes on the top rod and hang the bottom one as high as possible under them. Use space freed up near the floor for a shoe rack or storage bins.
  • Organize garments by category and separate with hanging labels; the more specific the categories the better. For example, subdivide your shirts into short- and long-sleeve, or casual and dressy.
  • Keep shoes, purses, and jewelry in hanging organizers, there are dozens on the market so you can see them alongside your clothes.

Storage for Shoes:

If you love shoes but deciding how to store them is your main closet woe, try these tips:

  • Slim shoes, such as flats and flip-flops, can be stored two to a cubby. Use spare slots for belts, scarves, and clutches.
  • Drawers give the closet a polished, built-in look, plus handy closet door storage for folded clothes. Bulky items like sweaters and purses can go on the open shelves.
  • Get another sliver of storage by putting a shallow basket on the shelf below the top row of hanging clothes. Use it for things that fold up small, such as tights, T’s, or socks.

Clean Up & Clear Out:

Plan a closet makeover by measuring your current closet to determine hanging requirements and storage needs. Next, you’ll need to clear everything out of the closet so the new system can be installed. This is a good time to go through items you can no longer use and donate them to charity. There are so many great systems out there to meet your needs-your columbus ohio general contractors can help you with this decision!

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