As most of you are aware, NJW is a proud partner on the famous Victorian Village Circus House renovation! We love working alongside homeowners Paige Henry, of Riegel Financial and her husband Jason, along with many other talented people! We wanted to keep everyone up to date on the process with some images and descriptions. If you need a refresher on how it all started, you can check out the Columbus Dispatch article for details.

Keeping Historical Integrity

The spectacular brick architecture of the well-known Columbus, Ohio Circus House is receiving some long overdue maintenance and attention. These improvements include brick tuck pointing as well as stone wall cap repairs.  Some of the most notable masonry undertakings on this estate are the grand front portico entrance and parapet upper wall. This part of the structure has undergone major reconstruction to re-create the original decorative pointed arch masonry design. Sadly, previous repairs to this front brick parapet wall included the demolition of that decorative brick detail and included the installation of a decorative iron railing. Luckily, for the Columbus community, the new owners possess a dedication to restoring the historically accurate design and this is a testament to their passion for this one-of-a-kind home, The Circus House.

The quality of design shows through in this brick work from the restored pointed arches on the porte cochere to the historic fluted arch design on the chimneys. The Circus House renovation has so many beautiful details we want to share!

Circus House renovation update Circus House renovation

The Circus House was in disrepair when acquired by the current owners. However, the backyard is coming together! One thing to note is, that the pool is repaired, rejuvenated and filled with water, ready for that inaugural swim! The window openings that are currently protected with plywood are having the sashes redone along with hardware repairs, so the sashes work properly with the original lead weights. You know how we like to stay true to a homes’ integrity!

Circus House Remodeling Details

We are taking great care in restoring the famous Circus House, there are so many unique details involved, and each has a history and a story to tell!

The back yard has a wonderful blue stone patio.  The stone wall has been rebuilt by the owners and plants are starting to be installed along the neighbor’s house! This creates a beautiful oasis with many hours of relaxation and festivities coming soon.

Circus House renovation update

The floors are covered and the rooms are receiving a coat of primer. Currently, we are in the process of working on mantel repairs and some are being completely rebuilt for several rooms. We always try to salvage what we can, but if it cannot be saved, we will recreate with the same inspirations used by the original architect! Tile work and hearth stones are coming soon in the Circus House renovation stay tuned!

The Circus House central hallway has a majestic feel to it. Fun Fact: The Circus House was one of the first homes to be built with a steel structure in Columbus in 1895. We think that is a pretty cool fact!

This space will be the kitchen with custom cabinets that are currently in fabrication. The Fireplace mantels and flanking sideboards are also currently being crafted.  The firebox will be surrounded with tile where the wood currently shows. So many updates to show you in the Circus House renovation!

The vaulted arcade off of the central hallway will have custom built-ins on one side with indirect lighting on the shelves. This hallway has some exciting elements to come. Doesn’t the blue just pop!

Circus House Renovation

NJW Flexing Our Craftsmanship

This is the sitting room; the walls are brick with plaster coating. If you will notice, the shape and details of the home can be quite challenging in the Circus House renovation. Some of these items include; circular walls, trim installed to brick instead of wood, and rejuvenating historic doors and windows.  Tying new systems and materials into the integrity of the original home is very challenging. Luckily, that is exactly what we do!

The Grand Staircase had many different parts that needed immediate attention. We ended up disassembling the staircase to fix these issues. There were broken stair treads, damaged balusters and a missing starting newel post. All very important in this Circus House renovation. We removed the balusters to get the stair treads out. Currently the handrail is suspended from the ceiling with rope!

Circus House renovation

The staircase and handrail are in the process of being stripped and stained to be brought back to their original glory.

The notches you see in the photo is how the balusters were built into the staircase for added strength. This is definitely not something you see in most homes. We enjoyed the opportunity to flex our renovation muscles to show off our amazing detail work in this Circus House renovation.

Circus House Renovation

Balusters sitting at our NJW office are numbered from when we disassembled them so they can be replicated for reinstallation. We think of all the details in this Circus House renovation!

Circus House renovation

The bottom of the baluster showing the notch and where it goes into the tread, for a close-up view.

We hope you have enjoyed this detailed Circus House renovation update! Stay tuned for more snippets on social media or another follow up blog with updated photos. We are honored to be working on such a significant project and we would love to help you with yours! Contact us at 740.800.7050.