As the family youth is entering the double digit years it may be time to consider how you want your home to interact with your soon to be teenager.  You’ve probably heard the old adage “The family that plays together stays together”, well it may be time to consider how your home can cater to the entire family and offer a family space but also serve as a teen gathering space. As your Columbus general contractors, we find basement renovations to do just that!

As families grow, it can be hard to find additional space in the home. But there’s one room you may not be utilizing that could open up a world of possibilities, literally right below your feet. Your unfinished basement! Unfinished basements are usually some of the least used rooms in the house. Most are relegated to storage space, and even then, the environment of an unfinished basement might not be suitable for storing sensitive objects. A finished basement, on the other hand, can be used not only for storage space, but for everything from a recreation room to a bedroom.

The Benefits of Finishing Your Unfinished Basement

Add a whole new room (or two) to your home.

Finished basements are generally big enough to accommodate at least one room if not more, and the best part is that you can put practically any room in a finished basement. Finished basements make a great place for a playroom for children, so you can keep the mess and clutter downstairs. As we were stating, as the kids grow up, you can turn the playroom into a family room, a home gym, or den where everyone can get together and watch movies.

Add value to your home.

Not only do basement renovations serve to keep your family home and enjoying their spaces, finished basements add a lot of value to your home because they effectively increase the livable space in your home by an entire floor. While you might not be looking to sell now, when you do choose to sell, buyers will be more attracted to your home because of a finished basement. In addition, the value a finished basement adds to your home means you’ll be able to make back a good portion if not all of your investment when you sell.

We would love to sit down and discuss your families’ needs and see how we can help you adjust your current home to ensure it is working with you as your children age. Our extensive experience and knowledge in home remodeling is sure to bring some ideas to the table that you might not have otherwise thought about.

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