Nature 4 season

An abundance of natural light, the feeling of nature surrounding you without the burden of temperature changes, bugs, or humidity—this is what we crafted for our client’s sunroom. When we were approached about creating a fun and relaxing oasis in their home, we were excited to bring this idea and design to life. The goal was to construct a sunroom that is outfitted with all the necessities to be used as much as possible throughout the calendar year, where people could gather, and relax. Equipped with a ceiling fan, screen exposure, and a fireplace—this sunroom is the epitome of every homeowner’s dream.

Walk Towards the Light – Escape to Nature from Home 

Doors Four Season room

As you walk through the main house, the addition beckons you with streams of natural light flowing through the windowed French doors, leading you to a room bordered by oversized, bright, floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition, there are angled-top high windows that complete the A-Frame style ceiling on the fireplace wall. Bright white painted shiplap allows natural light to bounce and fill the space. When you walk into this sunroom, you can’t help but feel lifted, lighter, and happier.

Fireplace Escape to nature

Sit Down, and Stay for Awhile – Escape to Nature from Home

Working closely with our clients, we were careful to recreate what they were picturing in their minds—a light and airy space that incorporates nature and Earthy elements. We installed Eze-Breeze windows which have a 75% screen exposure and can be completely removed to offer the option of a 100% natural air movement. Capturing the unseen “Earthy” element by maximizing the flow of natural breezes was a primary request of these homeowners.

While a secondary request was to be drawn into the space by a statement fireplace that dominates the center of the room. This was accomplished with the use of beautiful stone that contributes to the feel and look our client was desiring. The natural wood beams and wood-look flooring add understated details that tie the entire design together, complementing the straightforward layout of this stone fireplace.

This addition serves our client’s every need from being the home’s primary hosting room for their fall football gatherings and transitions to a quiet spot to sip their morning coffee on the day after the big win. Whether celebrating game day or just starting the day, in this space you can feel one with nature without having to slip on the rain jacket, snow boots or spraying down with bug spray.

Fireplace Escape to Nature

NJW Renovations Unlimited can help you create a room that you will never want to leave. The room that suggests “let’s stay in” and provides the exact type of function you need to reflect, rejuvenate, relax, or rave over the last play of the game. We make it easy to accomplish your goals with style and functionality in mind. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your ideas into reality.