NJW bathroom project where a vanity was designed at an appropriate height for wheelchair access.

Aging in place is the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.

This desire to age in place is an issue that is certainly pertinent to the nation today. One-third of American households are home to one or more residents 60 years of age or older.  The good news is that there’s a wide and growing array of supports available to help older adults age in place safely and in comfort. The key to successful aging in place is learning about these supports.

If it looks like there’s going to be a lack of funds, become familiar with financial options, from reverse mortgages to Medicaid’s Cash and Counseling program, to the Home Repair Loan and Grant Program.

A wheelchair accessible shower done by NJW.

Reverse mortgages turn the original concept of a home equity loan on its head: The bank pays the homeowner, with the home as collateral. There’s no credit check or income requirement — the only major qualifications are that there be sufficient equity in the house and that the homeowner is over age 62. Reverse mortgages can be a great way to pay for living expenses, home improvement costs, travel, or medical expenses.


People with low income and few assets other than their home may be eligible for Medicaid healthcare coverage and through Medicaid, some home remodeling columbus ohio are covered.  Experts in in-home care understand that family members often make the best caregivers. Knowing this, and recognizing that professional home care agencies aren’t always able to provide consistent care, Medicaid in some states runs a program called Cash and Counseling, which pays seniors directly to cover their in-home care. Other loan and grants programs specific to Ohio are located here.

Home Repair Loan and Grant Program

Loans and Grants are available through the Section 504 Home Repair Loan and Grant program to provide assistance for repairs and home improvements columbus ohio to dwellings of families with persons over 62 years of age.  For information about this program please visit their website.

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