Circus House

Historic projects are always enjoyable projects for us here at NJW Renovations Unlimited. It is fascinating to work on structures that were built years before modern technology and tools, and you can’t help but admire the challenging work and tedious hours that must have been put into the original construction. Restoring and remodeling historic properties is a delicate and honorable job that is not taken lightly. For us, the iconic Victorian Village Circus House overlooking Goodale Park was a once in a lifetime project that we take so much pride and honor in. This property that holds a 127-year history, continues to be a pillar of accomplishment within our profile of projects.

Night at Circus

Night at the Circus House

We worked closely with the new owners to revive the home and restore it to its original glory. Through careful and beautiful design and precise craftsmanship, the Circus House has been renovated and updated all while keeping the history and charm intact. The owners designed the property to reflect their tastes and kept the circus theme alive and well throughout the entirety of the home. We are so thrilled and thankful that they have continued to support the local community with this historic property.

NJW Renovations Unlimited is a proud Ringmaster Sponsor of the upcoming Friends of Goodale Park event showcasing the extraordinary property. A fundraiser benefiting the organization and celebrating their 35-year anniversary. Friends of Goodale Park is a nonprofit organization that has been dedicated to preserving the beauty and history of Goodale Park, Columbus’ oldest park. In 1851, the land was donated by Dr. Lincoln Goodale before his passing in 1868. His vision was for this land to be a public park for the residents of the city. The park offers a beautiful view of the Columbus skyline, a peaceful pond, gazebo, tennis courts, and children’s playground (among other attractions).

Friends of Goodale Park

Through volunteer work, sponsorships, and events, FGP keeps this historic park clean, planted, and preserves the structures throughout the 40-acre footprint. Without organizations like these, our city would not preserve the historic charm that it has, which is why we are so excited to be a part of this sold-out event.

We are honored and proud to be a part of this little piece of Columbus history and be a sponsor to a group that is invested in keeping our city’s roots and history alive. Friends of Goodale Park appreciate the ongoing help and support of the community to bring Dr. Lincoln Goodale’s vision alive in preserving this beautiful piece of land for the residents of Columbus. If you would like to donate to the cause or volunteer, visit their website here.