Client Testimonial: A Kitchen Reconfigured for Function

kitchen reconfigure for function

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, you want style, space, and most importantly function. This 1920s home needed an update incorporating all three of these kitchen must-haves. A Kitchen Reconfigured for Function is what we did! Finding ways to open up the space and create flow, storage, order, and of course, a sharp design, was a collaborative effort with the client and our team. The result is a kitchen you don’t see every day—combining patterns, colors, and shapes that all contribute to a layout with more functionality and purpose. The homeowner was kind enough to sit down and tell us about her ideas, goals, and experience working with NJW Renovations Unlimited, giving us a first-hand account.

kitchen reconfigured

Client Q&A

What spaces did you have remodeled with NJW Renovations Unlimited?

We did a complete kitchen re-design with the goal of opening things up, so these included aspects of the dining room and the living room as well. We took out a wall and then opened up another wall between the dining and living areas.

What was the goal of your remodel? Was the goal met?

My goal was to open up the area and create more space and to completely reconfigure the kitchen for function, and yes—NJW Renovations Unlimited definitely met and achieved this goal.

Were there any challenges or hiccups in the process? If so, how was it handled?

We had a couple of hiccups, mostly due to supply chain issues. For example, our countertops wouldn’t be available for a long time, and NJW gave us other options and alternatives OR the option to wait on our original choice. We decided to wait, but they were very clear and communicated with us honestly and timely. There were holding patterns throughout the project due to supply chain issues, but they stayed on top of it.

They were always receptive to us—a light fixture was accidentally hung in the wrong spot and as soon as we brought it to their attention, they fixed it, no big deal. They were very easy to work with.

A Kitchen Reconfigured for Function: What is your favorite aspect of your new remodel?

How open and bright it is. This isn’t a large area, but it feels open and spacious.

How did your remodel improve your everyday living in your home?

It is so inviting. It’s open, easy to move around, a great flow. It is so much more functional as well.

Prior to the remodel, there was a half bath off the kitchen that didn’t have the separation from the kitchen that I wanted. To remedy this, they created a box for the fridge and in turn, created a wall separation from the half bath and a much better design.

What was your overall experience working with NJW Renovations Unlimited?

It was amazing. We’ve done several large projects in other homes when we lived in Cleveland and here in Columbus. NJW surpasses any other experience we’ve had—excellent and outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The team stood out. The project manager/foreman Jason was top-notch. He had amazing attention to detail, he was meticulous, and noticed things we didn’t. For example, we re-did all the floors and he noticed that there was a hole in the floor under a built-in bench. No one would really ever see it, but he went the extra mile to patch the hole and make it right.

Bottom line is that they respected the space, cleaned up after themselves, were friendly with our dog and us, and just great to have around.

What advice would you offer to someone who is remodeling a space in their home?

Don’t settle. If you have an idea, be patient with the search process. Do your due diligence and find someone who can see your vision and is excited about your project and all the possibilities.

Did you contact other companies about remodeling your home? If so, what made you decide to work with NJW Renovations Unlimited?

We talked to about half a dozen companies, but NJW came up with such a creative and innovative approach. It was a difficult situation, and they had the best design.

Stacey has a real gift, she is amazing. She got a feel for what our tastes were and her vision was beautiful. She didn’t overwhelm us and just merged colors and textures in a lovely way. Everything ties together so beautifully. Having someone with her talent was huge.


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